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With workplace regulations growing in complexity each day, the need for a robust professional license Verification system has become critically important for HR operations. Certemy is one such comprehensive license verification tool that organizations can trust to efficiently verify, monitor, and manage licenses, certifications, and credentials to meet business objectives while ensuring regulatory Compliance.

Certemy is an automated license verification system used by some of the largest employers in the US to ensure that their staff has the necessary active, pertinent, and unencumbered licenses required for current job roles. This system also provides insight into upcoming license renewal notifications and expiration alerts, reducing the burden of manual data entry and tracking. Furthermore, it has a streamlined automated workflow for streamlined license application processes.

How Certemy Works

Certemys license verification system is based on Primary Source Verification (PSV). This involves automatically validating licenses and certifications with the state governing bodies, providing invaluable primary source verification with real-time tracking and management. With this system, employers can receive alerts of active sanctions, disciplinary actions, or disciplinary status changes from all governing bodies for the employees occupational licenses and certifications.

Certemys automated license tracking system ensures full visibility and control of company compliance, allowing employers to stay ahead of regulatory changes and streamlining license application processes. By syncing with the relevant state boards for each employee, the system obtains and stores license records as well as continually checks employee license statuses to ensure that they remain current and unencumbered.

Features of Certemy

Certemy allows organizations to automate license application processes with pre-built workflows and customizable templates. The system also assists employers in tracking and managing license and credential records in a single record system.

Additionally, Certemy offers an intuitive user interface with easy navigation and intuitive data entry. This helps users quickly access the information they need and allows for more effective collaboration for ensuring regulatory compliance. Furthermore, the system is capable of providing comprehensive reports with the employee credentials including license number, expiration date, board of license issues, and board-specific fields.

Benefits of Using Certemy

Certemys automated license verification system helps companies save valuable time and resources in managing regulatory compliance. In addition to this, Certemy also assists companies in mitigating the risks associated with incorrect license data or an outdated license record.

The system also helps to improve staff utilization which ultimately leads to improved performance and greater productivity. And due to automated workflows and intuitive user interface, Certemystreamlines the entire process for quickly accessing relevant information.

Final considerations

Certemys license verification system provides comprehensive license tracking with intuitive information access for employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and efficiently manage employee license records. With this system, employers can ensure that the credentials of their employees are properly verified and up-to-date.


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