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For organizations handling sensitive professional licensing, working efficiently and compliantly is essential. Without the right tools, it can become a time-consuming, manual process leaving organizations open to risks like un-invited regulatory action. Certemy offers an automated license Verification system with primary source verification capabilities to help organizations close potential gaps and mitigate risks.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is a comprehensive license verification platform for organizations looking to streamline their employee licensing and certification process. The cloud-based platform works to validate occupational licenses and certifications across an organizations employee base, while also keeping an eye out for potential sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

With its automated license tracking capability, Certemy can provide a better way to mitigate risk while offering cost savings and improved staff utilization. It also works to give organizations complete visibility and control of their workforce Compliance program ? allowing them to stay ahead of potential regulatory compliance issues while effectively managing licenses and certifications.

How Does it Work?

The first step in using Certemy is to input employee information and requests in one system of record. Through its comprehensive set of features, the platform can then track all license transfers and renewals in real time, speeding up the process for verifying credential eligibility and validation.

Each employee is assigned a uniquely generated electronic record using Certemy, which can be accessed by the organization for review and access to the platform?s other features. By connecting the records between the organization and the employee in one global system, Certemy can quickly assess and approve license applications, provide detailed insights on personnel?s credentials, and reduce duplication of effort.

The Benefits of Using Certemy

Organizations that use Certemy can save time and money by streamlining their employee licensing and certification process. This platform can automate license requests and simplify paperwork through its pre-built workflows, making sure renewal and transfer requests are handled efficiently and correctly. In addition, Certemy also provides the following benefits:

Minimizes the risk of not staying up to date with state and local licensing regulations.

Reduces the burden of manual checks and trouble-shooting.

Enables human resources to focus on higher-value tasks.

Provides organizations with a more secure way to store and access data.

Experience Certemy for Yourself

By streamlining employee licensing and certification, minimizing risk, and reducing manual efforts, Certemy can help organizations remain compliant and save time. The platform is fully configurable to meet the specific needs of an organization, and its pre-built workflows and automated tracking capabilities make license application process much simpler.

To experience the benefits of Certemy yourself, contact us today and we?ll walk you through the process of setting up your account.


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