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When it comes to managing and verifying the professional credentials of your workforce, Certemy can help make the process a breeze. Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated primary source verification system, ensuring that your licenses and certifications are active, appropriately renewed, and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. With Certemys licensing compliance solution, you will have complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program.

The primary source verification process can help employers to save time and mitigate risk. Professionals can also benefit from Certemys automated tracking of credentials and real-time updates on their professional license status. With the pre-built and configurable workflows, Certemy can help simplify license application processes, making it easier for professionals to stay current on their licensing requirements.

For human resource operations, the consequences of failing to ensure licensing compliance can be very costly. An improperly licensed professional can lead to lawsuits related to negligence or malpractice. Beyond that, there is also the potential of employees losing their credentials, or having their licenses revoked due to misconduct or other violation of laws or standards.

Certemy can help companies reduce the chances of any of these problems occurring. By automatically tracking and managing licenses and certifications, Certemy provides employers with insights into their staff credentials and helps make sure that they always remain compliant with regulatory requirements.

Moreover, Certemy provides employers with the capacity to streamline their onboarding and credentialing process. With its pre-integrated solution capabilities, employers can now delete manual processes and reduce the cost of administrative tasks. They can also use Certemys pre-built workflows to identify the license requirements and the degree of license validity for a certain job position.

Finally, Certemy provides employers with the ability to leverage its system of record to track and manage their workforce?s license status directly from their document management platform. This makes it easy to access important credentialing information quickly and accurately, allowing employers to improve team productivity, transparency and visibility across the organization.

In summary, Certemy is a comprehensive licensing compliance solution that provides employers with an easy way to manage the licenses and certifications of their staff. With Certemy, employers can rest assured that their workforce is properly compliant, allowing them to focus on providing the best products and services for their customers.


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