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Amid an ever-changing regulatory landscape, businesses are often tasked with the complex challenge of not only verifying their employees? credentials but also staying on top of renewal dates and other details associated with each individual?s professional license. Primary source verification (PSV) has become a cornerstone of regulatory compliance and is the preferred method for confirming the validity and accuracy of an individual?s professional license or certification.

While in the past organizations had to rely on manual time-consuming methods to perform these checks, Certemy now supports automated PSV processes and software frameworks which can help organizations streamline the process of licensing tracking and certificate verification.

In this article, we’re going to explore how Certemy provides comprehensive visibility and control of your teams compliance program, manages and tracks licenses and certifications with primary source verification, and helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

Primary Source Verification (PSV)

Primary source verification (PSV) is a comprehensive process used to confirm the validity and accuracy of a professional license or certification. Through the use of a secure, automated platform, Certemy facilitates the collection and verification of credentialing information across multiple sources. This information is then used to ensure that the data is current, correct, relevant, and in compliance with regulating bodies.

Certemys PSV platform collects and verifies data from official issuers like state boards, boards of nursing, and other professional certifying bodies. The platform electronically notifies relevant organizations when an employees license or certification is about to expire and allows for the electronic submission of real-time data from the issuer for easy access and comparison.

Organizations can use Certemys proprietary system to determine which employees need to renew their licensing or certification credentials and sends detailed reports to human resources and compliance officers, providing peace of mind and allowing them to prioritize the tasks of their team.

Features of Certemys License Verification System

Certemy provides a comprehensive license verification system for organizations looking to remain compliant. Its automated platform collects and verifies credentialing data from multiple sources, ensuring accuracy and up to date data. Organizations utilizing the system have peace of mind knowing that their regulatory compliance is maintained.

The platform?s features include:

* Automated license tracking

* Automated verification of licenses and certifications from official issuers

* Ability to track employee licenses and credentials in one system of record

* Automated license application process with configurable workflows

* Real-time notification when a license or certification is about to expire

* Detailed reports regarding license and certification status

Benefits of Using Certemys PSV System

Organizations using Certemys primary source verification system benefit in a number of ways. The automated platform enables organizations to save time and resources, remain compliant, and increase efficiency, among other advantages.

Some of the main benefits of Certemys license verification system include:

* Increased visibility and control over compliance program

* Complete tracking of license and certification status

* Automated license tracking processes

* Time and resource savings

* Improved staff utilization

* Stay ahead of regulatory demand

Concluding concepts

Certemys primary source verification system is designed to provide organizations with unparalleled compliance and licensing tracking solutions. The automated platform offers complete visibility and control of the organizations compliance program, reduces manual time-consuming processes, and allows organizations to remain compliant and stay ahead of regulatory demands.



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