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Licenses and certifications are required for many occupations and provide proof that employees have the foundational education and have passed necessary tests required by the government. Keeping track and updating licenses and credentials can be difficult for organizations and employees, as it involves complicated rules, regulations, and laws that vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. While important for organizational compliance, the process can often be both time-consuming and labor-intensive. To overcome these challenges, organizations have been increasingly turning to automated systems ? such as Certemy ? to manage and track employee licenses and credentials.

Certemy is a comprehensive professional license verification and tracking tool designed to help organizations manage and track their employees? credentials. It is a web-based solution that provides a single system of record for license and certification tracking, helping organizations stay compliant with regulatory requirements. It automates the entire process, freeing up time and resources, while also giving organizations complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program.

The system is trusted by some of the largest employers in the US for its primary source verification, helping to reduce the risk of sanctions or other disciplinary action. It ensures that an employees license is valid, appropriately renewed, and free of any disciplinary action. By having all license data in one system of record, organizations can improve staff utilization and save time. Certemy also offers users access to pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes.

One of the key advantages of Certemy is its ability to verify and track employee licenses and credentials in real time. This is possible through standardized, automated primary source verification. This eliminates the need to manually track and verify credentials through paper processes or manually verifying through state boards. The result is reduced risk and improved staff utilization.

Another unique feature of Certemy is its advanced analytics capability. This allows employers to see detailed analytics of employee license activity and utilization, providing valuable insights into staffing needs and personnel turnover. It also allows managers to identify trends in licensing activity and use the data to inform decisions.

Finally, Certemy is easy to use and provides comprehensive support for the user. Their knowledge base is full of helpful resources for learning the system, such as guides and videos. Certemy also offers dedicated customer support, including a ticketing system and toll-free telephone support.

For employers looking to streamline their license verification and tracking processes, Certemy is an ideal solution. It is easy to use, cost effective, and provides the necessary security and compliance to ensure that organizations are meeting regulatory requirements. With its automated features and real-time analytics capability, Certemy is a powerful tool for organizations of all sizes.


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