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Licensed healthcare professionals, such as Certified Nurse Transplant Specialists (BMTCN), play an invaluable role in patient care. However, with the growing complexity of licensing requirements, staying up-to-date and compliant with state and federal regulations can be a challenge. This is why employers rely on license Verification solutions, such as Certemy, to ensure their staff is properly credentialed and compliant due to its automated primary source verification system.

What makes Certemy a unique solution compared to manual license verification is that It isimplifies the administrative burden of tracking and verifying certifications and licenses. This allows HR departments to be complaint with the ever-changing licensing requirements and ensure their healthcare professionals are properly credentialed.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is the industry-leading automated license verification solution that allows employers to easily and quickly verify, renew, and manage employee professional credentials. It is powered by an automated primary source verification system which gathers and validates data from trusted sources to ensure accuracy and Compliance.

Once a user enters the employees license information into the Certemy dashboard, the license is immediately verified with the appropriate government agency. The verification process also checks for any disciplinary actions or non-compliance related to the professional license. Once verified, the dashboard will display a real-time tracking of the employees licenses, certifications, and continuing education credits.

How Does Certemy Help?

When it comes to professional license compliance, Certemy provides the employer with complete visibility and control. With the automated primary source verification system, the employer can rest assured that the employees license information is accurate, up-to-date, and in compliance with the specific licensing requirements.

In addition, Certemy helps employers stay ahead of state licensing requirements for healthcare professionals, such as BMTCNs, as the system assists with the processing of certifications, tracking of licenses, and alerts of expiries or renewals. Furthermore, the pre-built workflows that are designed with the employer?s compliance program in mind, help to manage applications and automate various processes related to license renewals or applications.

These automated processes ensure that the compliance program remains current and compliant. When employees are monitored with Certemy, the employer can ensure that the license data is always accurate and complete, thus mitigating the risk of penalties or fines from state or federal regulators.

Benefits of Certemy for Healthcare/Certified Professionals

Certemy provides a wealth of benefits for both employers and healthcare/certified professionals. For Certified Nurse Transplant Specialists (BMTCN), Certemy will help to ensure their license credentials are always up-to-date and in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Additionally, the automated workflow system within Certemy will monitor and track employees? licenses and certifications, meaning it will automatically alert employers when the license is close to expiring or when a certain continuing education credit is due. This will reduce the burden of manual license management and ensure none of the employees licenses are at risk of expiration.

Overall, Certemy is the number one license verification solution for Certified Nurse Transplant Specialists (BMTCN). It istreamlines the process of verifying employee credentials and ensures the employer is in full compliance with state and federal regulations.


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