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As employers expand their global workforce, they need to ensure the license or certification of a professional is up-to-date and free from sanctions or disciplinary actions. To track and monitor credentials on a large scale, companies are turning to automated license verification tools, such as Certemy.

Certemy is a cloud-based platform that helps employers take back control of their compliance program and staff utilization. Innovative companies rely on Certemys automated and real-time license tracking to help them make sure each employee credential is up-to-date and compliant.

This intuitive software solution helps to mitigate risk and optimize workforce efficiency by keeping track of each employees licenses and credentials in one secure system of record. With Certemy, companies in the US can automate the license application process and maintain regulatory compliance requirements.

Certemy is designed specifically for orthopedic nurse practitioners (ONP-C), providing a seamless primary source verification system to ensure that the professional has the proper license or certification to work in the United States. With Certemy, employers can easily verify any ONP-C credentials as they are issued and search the in-built US national license database for renewal notifications.

The primary source verification system helps employers and compliance leads save time by automatically tracking employee credentials. Certemys verification system can be used to regularly monitor and check any new credential or license that needs to be added or updated on the employees profile. Automated reminders are sent to remind employees when their credentials are close to expiry dates.

In addition, Certemy also offers customized workflows tailored to the specific needs of each company. This helps to reduce time spent on manual administration and improve the accuracy of the process. Companies can use Certemys workflows for professions such as ONP-C, allowing them to set their own processes and restrictions concerning license renewal dates and approval rules.

Certemy also provides an audit trail to trace the progress of each employees professional license or certification. This makes it much easier for employers to stay compliant and stay ahead of regulations by providing clear and comprehensive records of each employees credentials history.

By using Certemy, employers can quickly and easily verify the credentials of any ONP-C. This simplifies the process of tracking and managing employee licenses and certifications while also ensuring that staff utilization is optimized and risk is mitigated.


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