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Verifying the licenses of your employees is an important part of the overall occupational health and safety Compliance requirements in any business. Ensuring that the licenses held by your staff are valid and up to date can provide assurance that the people employed by your organization are qualified to perform their respective roles.

Certemy is a License Verification service provider that helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements by providing an automated license tracking and primary source verification system. This powerful tool allows employers to quickly and easily stay informed about the status of their employees’ licenses and certifications, ensuring that they are active, current, and free from any disciplinary actions.

Using Certemys Professional License Verification Tool, employers can streamline license application and renewal processes, as well as automate license tracking, giving them visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. Certemys system integrates with the information from a number of state licensing agencies and provides real-time tracking in one system of record. This helps employers to stay up to date with the latest license information for each employee, as well as providing an easy way to review and manage their certifications and licenses.

Additionally, Certemys system offers pre-built workflows that enable employers to customize their program based on their own operational requirements. This means that organizations can tailor the program to track and manage certifications and licenses based on their own compliance needs.

Certemys Professional License Verification Tool provides employers with an accurate and comprehensive way to ensure that their workforce is in compliance. With this system, employers can quickly and easily keep track of their teams certifications and licenses, helping to reduce risk and improve overall staff utilization.


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