License Verification Tool | Certified Transport Registered Nurse

For organizations in the US, understanding the legal intricacies of keeping their workforce in compliance with licensing regulations is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. For many, scanning the licensure boards of each state is a time-consuming and manual process that is often ineffective in meeting the regulatory and compliance requirements. To simplify and streamline this requirement, Certemy launched a professional license verification tool that is automated and provides the visibility and control of the compliance program that employers require.

The real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials creates an invaluable resource for department heads or the human resources (HR) department to improve employee productivity and provide visibility across the organization. By leveraging the pre-built workflows, license application processes can be automated, reducing the time needed to accurately track the correct licensing information and application process. This a great boon for organizations that have hundreds of employee and licensing applications that need to be tracked.

The primary source verification process of Certemy ensures that all employees have validated, active, and appropriately renewed licenses for unrestricted practice in any of the states in the US. This means employers reap the benefits of a compliance program with full visibility and control over their workforce while adhering to the evolving specialty and state-level regulatory requirements.

Certemy has proven itself a leader in license verification. Several of the largest employers in the US have trusted Certemy to save time while mitigating risk and boosting staff utilization. This highly successful tool is simplifying and streamlining the way many HR teams manage employee licenses and credentials in one centralized system and improving the organizations productivity exponentially.

One of the greatest benefits that Certemys professional license verification tool provides to organizations is the assurance that their employees are able to provide essential medical services from start to finish without worrying about the legal aspects of the applicable regulations. Secure in the knowledge that their employees are in full compliance with the necessary licensing regulations employers are now able to focus on the bigger picture. At the end of the day, the peace of mind Certemy provides both employers and employees is an invaluable resource.


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