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Verifying your employees’ certifications and licenses can be a time-consuming and tedious process. However, It is an essential task for ensuring your organizations regulatory Compliance and protecting your employees from legal and financial risks. With the right tools and automation, companies can quickly and easily validate certifications, licenses and other credentials.

Certify is a leader in license Verification with its automated system that validates occupational licenses and certifications quickly and accurately. Whether they need to check initial licensure status or renewals, Certify?s comprehensive primary source verification solution provides total visibility and control of your compliance program. With Certify, you can increase staff utilization, track license and credentials in real-time, and automate application processes.

How Does it Work?

Certify?s license verification tool works by automatically collecting and verifying data from primary sources, such as boards of nursing, state licensing agencies, and professional organizations. It then creates a digital fingerprint to ensure that all credentials are active, correctly renewed, and free of any disciplinary actions or sanctions. It provides a complete history of renewal dates, expiration dates, and other important information.

Benefits of a Professional License Verification Tool

Using Certify?s license verification tool helps employers save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization. It provides full transparency and visibility into the workflow, allowing organizations to easily check current and future license statuses. With automated tracking and primary source verification, organizations can quickly respond to any regulatory changes. Additionally, as Certify?s workforce compliance program is fully configurable, employers can customize it to their unique needs.

The main takeaway

Validation and verification of employee certifications and licenses is an important part of any organizations compliance program. Certify provides a comprehensive license verification solution that automates the entire process, allowing organizations to quickly and accurately track and manage licenses and credentials with primary source verification. It has proven to save employers time, reduce risk, and increase staff utilization.


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