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For healthcare professionals, delivering patient care that is both competent and accurate requires maintaining an updated license and professional credentials. This is especially true for Certified Addictions Registered Nurses (CARN). But keeping track of expirations, renewals and Verification of the credentials ? not to mention the paperwork ? can present a real challenge for medical practices, health departments, and other healthcare organizations. Fortunately, technology now offers organizations a way to automate processes for verifying CARN credentials.

Automated license verification is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage credentialing across an organizations personnel. Primary source verification, for example, which is the most credible form of verification, queries the regulatory bodies where licenses are issued to quickly and accurately determine whether an employees license is active, authorized, current, unencumbered, and free of disciplinary action. Licenses can also be tracked and managed in one system of record to give an organization visibility into the status of everyone?s credentials.

Using the right tool for automated license verification can provide several advantages. Organizations can leverage the best technology to assess Compliance and monitor credentialing activity with all relevant regulations and ensure successful patient care outcomes. Also, automated license verification ensures employee accountability and peace of mind that there?s no risk of patient harm or breach of confidentiality due to license expiration.

To ensure that the organization is compliant with the latest regulations requiring primary source verification, there are cloud-based tools that quickly scan government databases to verify licenses and credentials. Certemy, for example, has automated primary source verification that validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees confirming that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

When considering a tool for license and credential verification for CARN, It is important that the solution support existing workflows. Many of the tools available on the market today, such as Certemy, offer pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to enable the automating of renewal and application processes. This helps ensure CARN credentials are accurately verified and tracked for the entire organization.

Also, administrators and discipline managers need to be confident in their data storage. Certemy deploys all its applications on globally trusted cloud infrastructures, for reliable, on-demand access from anywhere. All data is encrypted, stored in iso-compliant facilities, and backed up regularly to guarantee security and peace of mind.

It is clear that automation plays an important role when it comes to credentialing for CARN and healthcare professionals. Automated license verification provides a comprehensive solution to validate and track employee credentials, improve team productivity, compliance, and save time. With advanced verification tools, like Certemy, the entire process is streamlined, and an organization can have confidence that everyone has an up-to-date professional license.


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