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Clinical research nurses (CRNs) are acutely aware of the federal and state rules and regulations that comprise their nurse licensure requirements. With stringent licensing criteria, and permanence varying by state, understanding the latest policies and staying compliant can be a daunting task. Fortunately, advances in license verification technology provide a viable solution for achieving compliance.

The Benefits of License Verification Software for Clinical Research Nurses

Medical organizations are increasingly turning to automated license verification systems to ensure CRN licensure and continued compliance. Such technology offers several key benefits to hiring professionals and those navigating their own professional license requirements:

Streamlined Licensure Requirements

Instant access to critical licensing information helps recruiters and HR departments quickly vet candidates, without the need to await manual processes that remain vulnerable to errors. Automatically tracking license validity and renewal intervals minimizes compliance risks while making It isimpler for CRNs to stay on top of their renewals.

Flexible Licensing Database Access

Professional license verification software grants users secure, on-demand access to a single source of truth for credentials, even if these credentials span multiple jurisdictions. Conversely, manual data tracking and reporting exposes compliance teams to the inherent risks of human data entry, with data stored in various databases and locations.

Centralized Licensure Tracking

Rather than relying on lore and tradition, license verification technology eliminates silos and decentralization and allows for complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. This ensures your recruiters quickly secure accurate license records, collecting and cataloging all up-to-date licensing information in a single, unified system.

Achieve Compliance with Certemys License Verification Solutions

Certemy helps insurance organizations remain compliant and competitive. Our automatic license verification system verifies licensing credentials across your employees, confirming license validity, renewal and freedom from sanctions or other disciplinary actions. Our software also makes it easy to track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification.

Our comprehensive suite of license verification solutions offers a wide range of benefits and tools, including:

Real-Time Tracking

Certemys automated primary source verification includes real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one central system of record. This allows recruiters to access critical compliance data in mere seconds.

Automated Licensing Workflow

Certemys license management capabilities are backed by an array of pre-built workflow automation, applicable to a range of complex and straightforward licensing tasks.

Increased Visibility and Transparency

Certemy caters to managerial needs by leveraging visibility and transparency features that make it easier to monitor your employees licensure status.

Choose Certemy for Seamless License Verification

Certemy recognized early on that increasingly complex and stringent licensing requirements posed significant challenges to medical organizations. The companies core mission is to streamline and simplify the licensure process so you can make smarter, more informed decisions when it comes to acknowledging CRN licensures.

Certemy understands that for organizations in the medical and insurance industries, licensure compliance is only the beginning of the equation. Our comprehensive suite of license verification solutions helps you stay ahead of ever-evolving regulations, while improving team productivity and staff utilization in the process.


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