License Verification Tool | CNO -?Chief Nursing Officer

Alternative job titles to Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) such as hospital directors, nurse administrators, and chief executive officers (CEOs) must continually work to improve the quality of care they provide by managing their staff effectively and compliantly. This requires not only hiring the right people for each role but also ensuring their licenses and certifications remain active and free of any disciplinary action.

Digital solutions have aided healthcare organizations optimize their compliance programs, like Certemy, a trusted professional license verification tool for employers of all sizes. Certemy captures and verifies data from state licensing boards at lightning speed, making license tracking easier and more efficient than ever.

Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is a key component of compliance programs. This method requires working with the boards where the license was issued to validate the validity of the license. Although It is a tedious and lengthy process, it is also the most authoritative method of verifying the accuracy and legitimacy of occupational credentials.

Certemy makes the verification process much easier and faster. The system can check and verify state licensure records automatically, leaving little to no margin for human error. This eliminates manual tasks and simplifies license-related processes, so CNOs can focus their efforts on other important activities.

Complete Visibility and Control of Workforce Compliance Program

With Certemy, CNOs have complete visibility of their workforce compliance program. Automated license tracking and primary source verification allow CNOs to stay ahead of regulatory compliance issues. They no longer have to do extensive and time-consuming research to keep their employee records up to date. The system provides CNOs with a single source of truth for employee licenses and certifications, so they can accurately track their status at all times.

Real-Time Tracking of Employee Licenses and Credentials

Certemy makes it much easier and faster to track employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. With real-time tracking, CNOs can instantly see when a license is set to expire or if any disciplinary action has been taken against an individual. This allows them to stay on top of employee updates and make sure their staff is always compliant and up to date.

Automated License Application Processes

Certemy also offers pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate the license application process. This speeds up onboarding processes and ensures every employee is properly licensed and credentialed.

By leveraging Certemys professional license verification tool, CNOs can easily keep their employees in compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. This not only saves time and money, but also helps protect the organization from any legal or financial liabilities.


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