License Verification Tool | Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care

In the modern world, managing compliance in the workplace is a complex job. Not only is there an increasing demand for occupational licenses, certifications, certifications for special expertise, and other credentials, but you also have the challenge of staying up to date on primary source verification. Primary source verification is the need to validate that a person has an active license in good standing and that there are not any sanctions or other disciplinary actions associated with it. This has become such a complex and time consuming job that it has become increasingly common for employers to find dedicated solutions to help with it. One of those solutions is Certemy ? a tool designed specifically for organizations to manage and track professional license verification quickly, accurately, and securely.

Certemy provides a comprehensive solution for license verification with an automated primary source verification system. Through Certemy, organizations are able to accurately and rapidly ensure that all of their employees have appropriate, up-to-date licenses that are free from sanctions or disciplinary action. Certemy verifies any type of professional license, such as pediatric nurse practitioner-primary care, with a 99% accuracy rate – meaning fewer mistakes. It also offers real-time tracking of employee credentials which lowers the risk miss-management and late renewal notifications.

Using Certemy, organizations are able to gain unprecedented visibility into their employees license and certification statuses. This creates far greater control over the organizations compliance program. To make it even simpler, users are able to use pre-built automatic workflows that are fully configurable to help streamline the license application process. As a result, organizations can spend less time managing license renewals and more time focusing on core operations and maximizing staff utilization.

Fundamentally, Certemy is designed to optimize the speed and accuracy of primary source verification. Whether you are a large organization or a small business with limited resources, you can leverage Certemys streamlined and automated license tracking and primary source verification systems. Trusted by some of the largest US employers, Certemy helps organizations improve their staff utilization while concurrently mitigating risk and saving time.


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