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The ability to prove quickly, accurately, and confidently that employees hold valid licenses and certifications is essential for any Compliance program. Not only do efficient license Verification processes ensure the employer meets regulatory standards, but they can also save time and money, reduce legal risks, and increase productivity.

Certemy is a leading license verification system designed to automate the process of verifying licensure and certifications for all types of professional and occupational licenses. The system provides comprehensive visibility and control of an employer’s workforce compliance and tracks employee licenses and certifications in one centralized system. With Certemy, employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance while optimizing staff utilization and productivity.

Understanding the Licensing Process

When employers hire individuals with a professional license or certification, the licensing process involves verifying that employees have valid and up-to-date occupational credentials that are free from sanctions or other disciplinary actions. This process is known as primary source verification and is especially important in occupations where safety and security are critical (e.g. healthcare, pilots, truck drivers).

Primary source verification is a lengthy and manual process that hinders the employer’s ability to quickly and accurately verify license and certification numbers. It can also involve confirming the information with both the governing body and the employee/applicant. This process is especially time-consuming when multiple licenses and certifications must be verified or when license renewal data must be tracked on an ongoing basis.

The Benefits of Automation

Automated license verification tools such as Certemy make the licensing process easier and more efficient. With these tools, managers have complete control over their workforce compliance program and can track and manage licenses and certifications in real-time. This eliminates the need for employers to manually review each application, ensuring a smooth, accurate, and straightforward screening process.

The automated process is quickly becoming the preferred option for compliance professionals. With automated license tracking and verification, employers are able to stay ahead of regulatory compliance while also saving time, mitigating risk, and improving staff utilization. Moreover, these systems are designed to be flexible and customizable, enabling employers to rapidly respond to any compliance changes or needs.

Real-Time Insight

Certemy further simplifies the license verification process by providing detailed, real-time insight into an individual’s license and certification information. This includes quickly verifying an applicant’s occupation, license type, issuing state or agency, expiration date and other details.

Additionally, Certemys automated workflows enable employers to quickly respond to new license applications or renewals with the click of a button. This allows employers to manage the entire license application and renewal process in one system.

Risk Mitigation

Efficiencies and visibility provided by an automated license verification system such as Certemy also help employers to reduce or eliminate the potential for employee fraud, disciplinary action, or license non-renewal. With advanced verification capabilities, employers can be confident that their compliance program is up to date and accurate.

The core message

Automated license verification systems like Certemy are quickly becoming the preferred option for compliance professionals. With an automated license verification system, employers can ensure accuracy and compliance while also saving time, resources, and money. Employers can also benefit from the system’s real-time tracking capabilities, enabling quick response to license applications and renewals.


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