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These days, organizations of all sizes recognize the need to stay in compliance with applicable laws and ethical standards. In the healthcare field in particular, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Registered Nurses (RNs) and Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRNs) apply their expertise on a daily basis, and It is essential that their licenses are up to date and verified.

Organizations must verify the credentials their staff possess, as well as understand the regulations they must follow to stay in compliance. Compliance teams face a variety of challenges, such as not having the resources to regularly check licenses and validity, or verify the accuracy of the information with local government officials or the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).

The good news is that organizations?with the help of License Verification technology?can automate license verification and transfer information easily and safely. It provides proof of valid, authentic licensure, and in the healthcare field, is especially important in terms of patient safety.

What is Automated Professional License Verification?

Automated Professional License Verification is a technology solution that helps businesses quickly and accurately verify and manage their employees? professional licenses and certifications. It uses primary source verification, an important step in the employeescreening process, as well as ongoing license and credential tracking to make sure all staff credentials remain valid.

Organizations can also use this technology to ensure they stay in compliance with both local and national regulations, and verify that their staff maintain up-to-date credentials. This not only helps organizations provide quality services to their clients, but also protects them from any licensure violations that might lead to costly fines or even lawsuits.

How Does Automated Professional License Verification Work?

Automated Professional License Verification integrates with the organizations existing processes and systems. For example, employers can upload files from their internal database to the cloud, which allows the automated system to accurately match applications with staff records and quickly compare current information with state board requirements.

The automated system also helps organizations monitor, track and measure any discrepancies and violations associated with different professions or industries they may be associated with, providing on-demand visibility into any potential compliance risks.

In addition, organizations can customize the automated system to their specific needs, such as picking a specific range of industries and professions for license tracking. They can even create automated notifications whenever credentials need to be re-verified or renewed.

The Benefits of Automated Professional License Verification

The benefits of using Automated Professional License Verification technology include:

Increased efficiency and accuracy: Automated Professional License Verification systems enable compliance teams to easily monitor and manage license information across multiple states and professions, eliminating the time-consuming manual process of verifying employee credentials.

Improved compliance: Automated Professional License Verification systems help organizations verify all their employees? credentials and record any changes which can help them avoid any compliance violations or fines.

Enhanced staff utilization: Automated Professional License Verification allows organizations to track license and credential expirations so they can proactively assign their staff to the right tasks and locations.

Risk mitigation: Automating the process of professional license verification can help organizations mitigate potential risk associated with not verifying their staff?s credentials.

Overall, Automated Professional License Verification technology can help organizations quickly and accurately verify the credentials of their staff, helping to ensure they are in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. It also provides real-time tracking of employee credentials, helping compliance teams keep a close eye on any activity that could affect the organizations compliance standards.


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