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Organizations hire and employ personnel based on specific qualifications and certifications which ensure operational excellence. It is important, as the legal and regulatory framework that governs businesses evolves, for employers to have access to reliable tools that ensure the compliance of personnel hired in terms of licenses and certifications. Professional license verification tools such as Certemy provide visibility and control of the organizations compliance program and allows businesses to protect themselves from operational risk.

What is Professional License Verification?

Professional license verification is the process of validating employee certifications and licenses across all staff members. Employers can verify the validity and current status of a license or certification issued to an individual, like a doctor, a nurse, or inspector. Standard verification methods include third-party databases and primary source verification, both of which are used to ensure that a license or certification is up-to-date and valid, and has not been subject to any sanctions or disciplinary action.

Benefits of Professional License Verification Tools

Professional license verification tools such as Certemy offer many benefits to organizations. It eliminates manual, labor-intensive processes and increases efficiency. Certemy automates license tracking and verification processes, providing organizations with an automatic system which stores employee credentials in a secure repository for accuracy, efficiency and compliance. It provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credential status, cutting the time to manage and audit employee records.

Certemy also offers organizations the ability to track and monitor licenses and credentials across the entire organization. Organizations can assign and manage license expiration dates, access real-time reporting and analytics, and leverage pre-built workflows that enable them to automate license application processes. Additionally, Certemy can generate automated alerts and notifications for renewal and expiration dates.

Risk Mitigation with Professional License Verification

Organizations need to stay ahead of and remain compliant with regulatory requirements at all times. Professional license verification tools allow organizations to mitigate compliance risk by providing confidence in the accuracy and validity of employee credentials, and ensures that only qualified individuals are hired for the position. It can protect organizations from potential legal and financial risk.


Professional license verification tools like Certemy provide organizations with an efficient and automated way to ensure they are compliant with regulatory requirements and reduce operational risk. With its primary source verification, automated tracking and analytics, and pre-built workflows, organizations can save time and effort, and improve staff utilization.


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