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Given that the management of professional licenses and certifications is commonly an incredibly time-consuming and complex process, primary source verification is a vital tool for organizations in charge of monitoring workforce compliance. Certemy provides an automated and comprehensive solution to license and certification verification that enables organizations to remain compliant and ahead of regulatory requirements, saving time and risk.

Primary source verification (PSV) is the practice of verifying information of any given professional license or certification through consulting with the original source ? the institution or office that issued the license or certification. This ensures that the license or certification is valid and active, and that any renewals and other required check-ins have taken place. As the leading provider of license and certification verification, Certemy offers an automated PSV system to simplify the process and provide real-time tracking of employee credentials.

Certemys system is trusted by some of the largest US employers, as the solution streamlines and automates the license and certification verification process, providing complete visibility and control of the organizations workforce compliance program. Certemys platform offers pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate the processes for license application, tracking, and management ? so teams are always on track and in compliance.

The Certemysystem is intuitive, fully automated, and customizable. It is monitored by a Client Relations Manager who is available to handle any customer needs and service inquiries. It is also secure, reliable, and backed by Certemys support desk. Additionally, Certemy offers a deep archive of past licenses and certifications validated via primary source verification. This archive can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, by any authorized personnel.

Organizations using Certemys automated license and certification verification system benefit from improved team efficiency, more visibility across the organization, and the assurance that regulatory requirements are being met. Traditional methods of license and certification tracking can be incredibly labor-intensive and complex. Maintaining regulatory compliance manually requires a great amount of resources, time, and expertise. With Certemy, it is possible to produce reports in a fraction of the time and can be incredibly valuable in any organizations operational control system.

Maintaining compliance for professional licenses and certifications can be arduous, and it is of utmost importance that organizations remain compliant. Certemy is the leading provider of automated license and certification verification, offering a comprehensive and intuitive solution for organizations to stay ahead of changing regulations and efficiently manage their workforce compliance program. With Certemy, organizations benefit from reduced risk, improved productivity, and the assurance that regulatory requirements are being met in real-time.



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