License Verification Tool | OCNS-C – Orthopaedic Clinical Nurse Specialist ? Certified?

The importance of professional license compliance cannot be overstated. It is of utmost importance for companies and employers to ensure that their employees are licensed appropriately and have necessary certifications in place. This helps protect their organization and stakeholders from potential litigation or financial penalties due to negligent hiring or legal non-compliance. One of the most effective ways for employers to ensure a secure workforce is through an automated license and certification verification system.

Automatically verifying that their employees are compliant with Professional licensure and certification standards is a critical part of virtually any organization, and automated solutions take the complexities and time-consuming nature of the process out of the equation. Automated license and certification verification solutions provide a comprehensive primary source verification of employee credentials. These automations monitors the credentials of the workforce and alerts organizations when an individual?s license is expired, revoked or suspended or if any other changes occur with their certification.

Certemy is a leader in providing automated license and certification verification solutions that protect employers from a wide range of potential legal and financial risks. Certemys platform provides a comprehensive overview of employee licensing and certification activity, giving employers access to necessary data they need to make informed decisions. The system helps employers stay up to date on licensing and credentialing for their entire workforce and also tracks and verifies any new applications and renewals for any credentials they may need to maintain.

Certemy also offers robust workflows that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual organizations, allowing employers to customize the system to best fit their individual compliance protocols. This is especially important for organizations that have specific regulatory requirements, such as the requirements that Orthopaedic Clinical Nurse Specialists (OCNS-C) must meet.

Certemy also provides real-time tracking for each employees licenses and certifications, ensuring that employers have full visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. This can help organizations preemptively avoid any potential compliance issues, while also streamlining their staffing processes and improving overall team productivity and visibility across the organization.

From manually verifying credentials to staying updated on the ever-evolving regulations, ensuring that your employees maintain the credentials required for their positions can feel overwhelming. The use of an automated license and certification verification system can make this process much easier, while helping to protect your organization from a wide range of potential risks. Certemy is the leader in providing automated license and certification verification solutions to ensure employers maintain hassle-free professional license compliance.


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