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Diabetic Clinical Nurse Specialists (DCNS) are highly trusted healthcare professionals who provide specialized care to their patients?particularly those with diabetes. DCNSs focus on improving the quality of life for those with diabetes and their families, emphasizing preventative care, health maintenance, and self-management of the disease. As healthcare professionals, DCNSs with active professional licenses must meet stringent requirements to continue to practice. For organizations, there exists a growing need to quickly and efficiently vet an employees license status in order to maintain a compliant workplace.

Why Is License Verification Important?

As an employer, protecting your organization by ensuring that your team of healthcare professionals holds a valid and active professional license is paramount. The legal consequences of employing unlicensed healthcare professionals can be steep, ranging from issues with credentialing to costly fines. License verification tools help to ensure that organizations are compliant in all of their qualifications requirements for their healthcare professionals.

Organizations must also ensure that their healthcare team is fit for the job and able to maintain a high level of patient care in an evolving healthcare environment. A license verification tool can help employers verify qualifications for their DCNSs to ensure that they are operating with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide the utmost patient care.

How Does a License Verification Tool Help Employers?

A license verification tool is an automated, primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications for employees working in the healthcare field. Leveraging an automated license verification tool brings a number of key benefits to employers, including:

Overall visibility and control of workforce compliance: A license verification tool helps employers to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization by giving them a clearer view of their teams license and certification status.

Automated tracking of licenses and credentials: By tracking employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, organizations gain visibility across the entire organization and can identify issues with licensure more quickly.

Faster and more efficient license application processes: With pre-built, configurable workflows, an automated license verification tool allows organizations to streamline the process of validating licenses and certifications while still providing accurate and compliant verification.

Improve Patient Outcomes with License Verification

By verifying the licensure status of their healthcare professionals, employers can be confident they are providing their patients with the highest quality care. With a license verification tool, employers can know that their DCNS team is educated, experienced, and prepared to provide the best quality patient care.


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