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Primary source Verification of professional occupational licenses and certifications is a critical part of ensuring workforce Compliance. Manual license tracking and renewal processes not only lead to inefficiencies in resource usage, but also fail to provide adequate visibility and control across an organization. To ensure that your employees’ licenses and credentials remain current and active, it is essential to adopt an automated, secure software tool that provides primary source verification.

Discover how Certemy is leading the way in providing a complete license verification solution, giving employers full visibility, control, and compliance of their workforce.

What is License Verification?

License verification is the process of verifying and validating the credentials and qualifications of individuals in an employment setting. Common licenses and certifications include medical and nursing degrees such as the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or professional licenses such as real estate, accounting, and theology.

License and certification verification involves gathering detailed evidence to validate the current status and validity of the professional license. Primary source verification is the standard form of verifying the accuracy of a professional credential or license. It involves validating the credential by confirming its existence and the validity of the information returned directly from the issuing body or issuing state.

How Certemy Helps with License Verification

Certemy is the leader in automated license verification solutions. Its software platform provides employers with an easy-to-use solution to confirm the active, expiration dates, and discipline to each employees licensure and certification. With its real-time tracking system, employers can verify and renew licenses quickly and securely, lessening the time and effort spent in manual license management and ensuring compliance.

Certemy provides full visibility and control over employee credentials and qualifications. Its pre-built workflow engine automatically verifies licenses and qualifications in real time, providing employers with up-to-date information to ensure compliance with regulations. Additionally, its configurable workflows enable employers to set up and automate license applications with ease. Employers also have the ability to track and manage multiple licenses and certifications in one unified system.

The Benefits of Automated License Verification

Adopting an automated approach to license verification makes it easier to manage employee documents and qualifications in compliance with regulations. Benefits of guaranteeing accuracy and remaining compliant include:

Increased efficiency ? Automation of license verification, renewal, and tracking processes are more efficient and save time.

Reduced risk ? Compliance is vital, and inaccurate credentials can put a company at risk of fines or other ill effects.

Improved staff utilization ? Automated license verification improves the accuracy of employee records and qualifications, resulting in better availability and utilization of staff.

The bottomline

Primary source verification of credentials and qualifications is a critical part of workforce compliance. It requires detailed evidence to verify and validate the current status of professional licenses. With Certemy, employers have an automated license verification solution that simplifies the process and saves time, reduces risk, and enables better staff utilization.


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