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When it comes to organizational success, It is often the most mundane activities and obligations that can spell disaster if not properly managed. Employee license verification is no exception.

Documents such as driver’s licenses, professional certifications, and other documents must be consistently monitored to ensure they remain current and valid. It is an increasingly tedious process that takes up valuable time of the already-taxed Human Resources (HR) staff.

That is where a professional license verification tool from Certemy comes in. Professional license verification tools are powerful tools for ensuring compliance with licensure and certification requirements for employees. As a powerful License Verification system, Certemy automates the task of verifying occupational licenses and certifications with Primary Source Verification (PSV).

Maintain Regulatory Compliance with Automated Verification

With a professional license verification tool, HR can instantly validate existing documents and track any document being applied for or renewed. This ensures that employees remain compliant with applicable laws, and employers remain compliant with industry regulations as well.

Various primary source verification methods are used for license verification, including web crawlers, data searches, enterprise integrations, and more. These automated processes create a dynamic system, ensuring all employees remain compliant with the changing standards of rules and regulations.

Improve Productivity & Visibility with Rapid Verification

The license verification process can be complex and time-consuming for HR staff. Professional license verification tools are designed to simplify the process, which results in improved employee efficiency. By automating the process, HR staff can easily and quickly access important information while managing the business.

Certemy provides HR with real-time tracking of all employee licenses and credentials in one place that is easily accessed by all. This centralized access increases visibility and enables better performance management. Pre-built automated workflows also allow HR to customize license application processes and craft and track employee license applications faster.

The Benefits of Professional License Verification

Professional license verification tools have multiple benefits for organizations. One of the key advantages is improved compliance and risk management. Organizations with valid licenses and certifications on file are more likely to remain compliant with industry regulations.

The automation of the license verification process also allows HR staff to spend less time managing outdated documents and more time working on higher-value tasks. Automated tracking of employee licenses and certifications improves team productivity and makes the entire workforce more efficient.

Overall, an automated license verification tool allows organizations to save time, reduce risks, and improve employee utilization. With Certemy, organizations gain the ability to verify their licenses quickly and at a low cost.


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