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As businesses in the United States enter a new era of compliance, ensuring the credentials of employees is more important than ever before. Organizations are tasked with the responsibility of monitoring their workforce and verifying employee credentials with up to date, accurate, and up-to-date license information. Certemy is a leading provider of license verification solutions that enables businesses to mitigate risk, increase productivity, and ensure compliance.

Using automated primary source verification to validate occupational licenses and certifications, Certemy provides an easy-to-use system to keep records of employee license information from professional licensing boards, networks, and organizations. Automatically tracking and managing employee licenses and certifications, Certemy helps to keep you ahead of regulatory compliance. Organizations gain full visibility and control of their workforce compliance program by utilizing Certemys primary source verification.

Certemys platform helps to simplify and streamline administrative tasks associated with license tracking and verification. Pre-built workflows are available which are fully configurable to automate the process of license applications. In addition, Certemys portal provides real-time tracking for easy access to employee license and credential records, helping to improve team productivity and visibility throughout the organization.

Certemys platform helps businesses mitigate potential risk and reduce administrative overhead. By having comprehensive tracking on employee license and credential information, organizations can ensure compliance with occupational laws and regulations. This helps to reduce potentially costly filing fee and license tailor due to incorrect license information. Furthermore, Certemys automated verification process also helps organizations reduce labor costs associated with manual verification.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers for their compliance program to save time, minimize risk, and improve staff utilization. Organizations of all sizes and industries benefit from the comprehensive license and certification tracking, verification, and reporting provided by Certemy. With Certemy, businesses have the peace of mind that their workforce is compliant and their administrative processes are efficient.


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