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Countless time and resources are wasted on the mundane but vital function of maintaining licensure and credentials on personnel. With the help of Certemy, verifying professional licenses and credentials can be automated and streamlined with an efficient and secure cloud-based solution.

Verifying certified professional license holders for your organization is mandatory to stay in compliance with all relevant regulations. But this administrative task can prove to be very challenging, time consuming, and costly. Furthermore, manual processes often lead to errors, leaving the organization exposed to potential risks.

Certemy is a cloud-based solution that automates the process of verifying professional licenses of healthcare, business, and IT industry employees. It validates the credentials across your personnel to confirm that they remain active, appropriately renewed, and free of disciplinary action. Certemy returns verifiable primary source records for each license type, state, and federal database, providing you complete visibility and control of your compliance program.

End-to-End License Management and Verification

Built to save time and eliminate manual labor for end-to-end license management, Certemy offers automated tracking of licenses and other credentials. It acts as a system of record for all personnel data to enable real-time tracking for improved visibility and team productivity across the organization. Furthermore, the platform offers pre-defined workflows that are highly customizable for automating license application processes.

Certemy ensures accuracy of data with its automated primary source verification technology. It electronically scans and updates real-time records when licenses are renewed, revoked, or lapsed, helping organizations stay compliant with the latest regulations. The automated system prevents hard penalties and costs that regulatory violations can lead to.

Certemy also reduces repetitive work by eliminating redundant administrative tasks. It eliminates the need for manual document collection, validation of expiry dates, or keeping records up-to-date.

Benefits of Certemy for Professional License Management and Compliance Program

Certemys license management solution enables organizations to automate and streamline license maintenance processes while reducing the need of manual labor. Here are some of the benefits of the platform for professional license management and compliance programs:

Mitigate risks of regulatory violations which can lead to penalty charges

Complete visibility and control of the compliance program

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials with a system of record

Improved team productivity and visibility across the organization

Pre-built workflows that are configurable to automate license application

Primary Source Verification for Professional Licenses

Certemy does more than just license tracking and management. Its powerful automated primary source verification technology is trusted by many of the largest employers in the US to streamline the complex process of validating licensed certifications and credentials. It reduces the manual labor and validates all the obtained data sources.

The platform?s comprehensive, secure, and comprehensive source verification technology pulls data from US state licensing boards and other primary sources to confirm licensure status. With this, organizations can rest assured that their personnel are complying with the latest regulations.

In summary

While ensuring compliance obligations, verifying professional licenses and credentials can prove to be an arduous process which requires manual effort and time. With Certemy, professional license management and compliance programs can be automated and streamlines with an efficient, secure, and cost-efficient cloud-based solution. Organizations can leverage the platform to reduce their administrative burdens, eliminate manual labor, and mitigate overlooked regulatory risks.


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