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The recruitment and retention of Certified Emergency Nurses (CEN) can be a demanding and laborious process, but it is always worth the effort. CENs are instrumental in improving patient care and safety in emergency rooms, providing specialist care to patients in need of urgent medical attention. However, ensuring that Certified Emergency Nurses are in Compliance with licensing laws is paramount to upholding patient safety. Primary source Verification systems, such as Certemy, are integral to confirming the qualifications of these nursing professionals and streamlining the process of license management.

Benefits of Implementing Professional License Verification

Certified Emergency Nurses are required to renew their registration with their respective state boards on a regular basis, and the use of a primary source verification system helps to keep track of licensing renewals and ensure that all CENs meet the required qualifications. By using a primary source verification system, Certified Emergency Nurses can easily maintain their credentialing and continue to practice. This helps to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain compliance and makes the recruitment process much easier. Furthermore, by keeping track of licensing renewals, the hospital can be confident that they have the best qualified staff available.

The implementation of a primary source verification system also helps to mitigate the risk of disciplinary action for hospital administrators. By confirming that Certified Emergency Nurses are behaviorally and professionally competent, hospitals can lower their risk of being subject to licensing laws or sanctions. With proper licensing, the hospital administrators can ensure the safety of their patients and meet the necessary requirements set forth by their respective state boards.

Ensuring Staff Utilization

The implementation of professional license verification systems helps to improve staff utilization levels by providing managers and supervisors with up-to-date information about their staff. By tracking licensing renewals and verifying that CENs are compliant with licensing laws, hospital managers and supervisors can better manage their staff and make sure that the right qualified personnel is available to meet the needs of the hospital. This reduces the risk of understaffing and makes sure that the right person is available to provide quality service to patients.

In addition, by using professional license verification systems, managers and supervisors can manage their staff?s requirements better and allow them to continue to practice. This eliminates the hassle of having to start the recruitment process all over again and saves both time and money.

Leveraging Automated License Applications

The use of automated license applications further streamlines the process of license management for hospital administrators and provides them with the ability to automatically track and manage their teams licenses and certifications. Automated license applications reduce the manual and tedious aspects of license management, which enables hospital administrators to devote more time to serving their community.

By leveraging pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license applications, hospital administrators can speed up the process of license management. This allows for faster and more efficient license renewals, is more accurate than manual application processes, and cuts down on paper usage. This leads to improved quality of care, better patient safety, and greater staff utilization.


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