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Organizations that handle sensitive data and require skilled, certified personnel are legally obligated to ensure the credentials of their employees are valid and up to date. This need for Compliance is especially true in the healthcare industry, where legislation like HIPAA and HITECH force health organizations to maintain strict protocols to protect patient data. Automated license Verification solutions provide an efficient and cost-effective means of upholding compliance requirements while streamlining the on-boarding process and ensuring your staff can be trusted with sensitive healthcare information.

Certemy is the leading provider of automated license verification solutions designed to meet the strict requirements of the healthcare industry. By automating the license verification process, you can easily and securely confirm that all employees are correctly certified and legally able to carry out their duties.

Using Certemys automated Clinical Research Professional license verification tool helps ensure that all employees are appropriately certified and qualified to perform their duties. The tool allows employers to quickly and easily verify the credentials of their personnel, without the need for costly and time-consuming manual processes. The automation also significantly reduces the risk of licenses or certifications being expired or out of date, allowing for efficient quality assurance processes to be implemented.

By using the automated license verification solution, organizations can save time and money as well as reduce risk. It eliminates the need for manual verification processes, which are both costly and time-consuming. Automation also eliminates the risk of incomplete or inaccurate verification processes due to human error.

Using Certemys secure platform, employers can verify employee credentials quickly and easily. Certemy uses primary source verification to ensure accuracy and validity of each employees license. This means that employers can rest-assured that all credentials they obtain are verified against the primary licensing source. This helps to ensure employers that their personnel are legally allowed to work in their chosen field and that all applicable licensing requirements are met.

Organizations utilizing the automated license verification tool also benefit from an increased visibility and control of the workforce compliance program. The solution provides employers with detailed reporting to audit their online license verification process in real-time. Employers can monitor the frequency and duration of license verification processes, giving them complete control of their compliance processes.

The automated license verification solution also helps to ensure employees are up to date on their certification. By automating license tracking, the system can alert employers to renewals and expirations, allowing them to quickly address any issues before they can lead to compliance violations.

By using Certemys automated license verification solution, employers can easily and securely meet their compliance requirements for Clinical Research Professionals. The solution helps ensure that all staff members are certified and qualified to perform their duties and is an essential tool for organizations striving to maintain compliance while at the same time streamlining their on-boarding processes and decreasing risk.


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