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Compliance and risk management are fundamental to corporate operations. Employers rely on their staff to possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience befitting their assigned roles. Ensuring that employees maintain registration and licensing requirements across varied job roles is of paramount importance. To that end, there is no shortage of professional license verification solutions available to streamline and automate licenses and certifications across the organization.

Organizations need to mitigate regulatory and legal risks associated with employee licensing to remain compliant with state and federal guidelines. Maintaining an accurate system of record with automated license tracking and primary source verification safeguards business operations. It ensures that the people you hire possess the appropriate professional licenses and certifications for their job roles and remain free of sanctions or disciplinary actions.

Why Primary Source Verification Is Ideal for Professional License Verification?

Primary source verification needs to be the cornerstone of any compliance program. It is denoted as ?primary? because it involves getting verification directly from the regulators or issuing authority of occupational licenses.

Primary source verification is the industry standard for verifying licenses across both government and non-government holders. It entails checking records at the professional and regulatory licensing board and auditing the official license information for that state. To ensure license validity, primary source verification needs to be a regular part of your compliance and risk management program.

Benefits of License Verification Solutions

Adopting an automated license verification solution can yield a number of benefits for your organization, including:

Complete visibility and control over workforce compliance program

Mitigate risk and improve staff utilization

Real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record

Automatically track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification

Stay ahead of regulatory compliance with automated license tracking and primary source verification

Pre-built, configurable workflows to automate license application processes

Improve team productivity and visibility across the organization

How Professional License Verification Can Help Meet Regulatory Requirements?

Professional license verification can help employers meet their regulatory requirements. Every state has its own list of professional licensing departments charged with the responsibility of evaluating applicants and enforcing laws related to occupational licenses and certifications. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure only valid and compliant occupational licenses and a valid systematic process is in place to meet regulatory and legal requirements.

Not every state department offers real-time verification of their licenses. This further complicates verification, lengthening the process and creating more room for error and potential legal or reputational risk. Adopting primary source verification as part of license verification can reduce the risk of hiring a non-compliant candidate.

Facilitate Efficient License Application Process with Automation

Maintaining an updated system of record and associated workflows for license application processes is essential for any organization to avoid regulatory compliance and risk. The traditional process for managing license applications can take weeks due to manual review and processing requiring tons of manual paperwork and processing time.

Employers can use an automated license verification solution to streamline the license application process. This would entail pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to ensure license application processes are handled efficiently and accurately. A license verification solution with automated workflows can make it easier to track and manage licenses and certifications accurately.

Concluding concepts

Licensing compliance is a must for every organization, both big and small, and the burden of managing an efficient and compliant system falls on the employer. Having well-developed procedures and automated license tracking solutions in place can help organizations remain compliant and mitigate potential risk. Automated license verification solutions with primary source verification can give employers complete visibility and control of employee license applications and the associated process.


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