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The regulation of occupational licenses is constantly growing in complexity for employers due to the proliferation of state-level licensing requirements as well as the licensing standards between professions and industries. To help companies stay in compliance with licensing regulations and ensure safety, Certemy has developed an automated, digital license verification system to make keeping track of all your occupational license easier.

The Certemy License Verification system provides employers with a comprehensive and accurate view of the professional license status of their teams. It tracks the status of employee occupational licenses and certifications in real-time, and performs primary source verification from the issuing or authorizing agencies in the United States. This allows employers to stay ahead of regulatory compliance and to have complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program.

Certemys License Verification System has several major benefits, including time savings, risk mitigation, staff utilization, and cost savings. Time savings are gained through the automation of license verification and renewal processes. You can easily conduct background checks to verify the qualification and certification of applicants or employees nationwide, and stay ahead of regulatory changes. Issues can be identified immediately, making it easier to enforce compliance.

The Certemy License Verification System also helps mitigate risk by ensuring compliance with state and federal licensing regulations. It provides assurance that licenses and certifications are active, valid, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions. It also enables employers to comply with specific licensing requirements and continuously monitor the integrity and accuracy of their teams’ records.

Certemys License Verification System also enables employers to optimize staff utilization. Automation and 24/7 access to license data can provide Human Resources operational insight to help effectively manage the workforce and fill open roles faster. Pre-built workflows can be used to automate the process of onboarding applicants or tracking employeestaffing levels.

The certification system is also cost effective. With Certemy, you can avoid fines, court costs, litigation, and employeestrife for failing to verify occupational licensing that can become a major expense. Its subscription fees are competitively priced, and you only pay for the subscription time you need.

Certemy is helping employers to maintain compliance by providing a comprehensive automated license verification solution to manage their occupational license needs. The system provides an accurate and comprehensive view into the professional license and certifications of an employer’s team, automates license verification and renewal process, and mitigates risk and improves staff utilization while providing cost savings.


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