License Verification Tool | Orthopaedic Nurse Practitioner-Certified

When it comes to professional licensing, human resources and compliance managers need a reliable way to ensure that proper certifications and qualifications are being met by each employee. Certemys automated license verification system is the perfect tool for professionals who need to update, track, and manage their employee licenses and qualifications in order to stay compliant with regulations.

While the challenges of ensuring legal compliance across multiple license types are daunting, Certemys primary source verification system provides an efficient, reliable way to track and validate occupational licenses and certifications. By utilizing primary source verification and real-time tracking, Certemys system of record provide an easy way to stay ahead of regulations and ensures the workforce is compliant.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States and provides a comprehensive suite of features that simplifies the entire license tracking process. Certemystreamlines what would otherwise be a cumbersome process by offering automated workflows, completely configurable to the user’s preferences. Businesses can quickly and easily save time and effort while simultaneously completing the necessary paperwork to stay compliant.

Certemys deep database is populated with information from every U.S. state’s licensing board, helping employers quickly and easily identify lapsed and expired licensing credentials. After an employer’s request has been received, Certemy provides information on the employees license status, including any relevant updates or renewal requirements in a timely manner. Posting updates is also a straightforward process on the Certemy dashboard.

Certemys solutions provide employers with visibility and control across the entire organization when it comes to verifying employee license validity. Services such as employee education tracking, automated reminders for driver’s license expiration dates, and integrated document scanning and printing tools are available to make the process even easier.

Certemy not only helps employers stay compliant with Todays regulations, but offers a way to remain ahead of the curve by providing an early warning of any changes taking place within licensing boards and regulatory agencies. The primary source verification system is designed with robust audit tools and Federal mandated licenses such as DEA, OIG Sanction, OFAC screenings to ensure employers are up to date.

Overall, Certemy provides a comprehensive primary source verification system for employers in need of license tracking and renewal solutions. By streamlining the license management process, employers can be confident that necessary qualifications are being met – and remain compliant with all related legal regulations.


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