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As a Compliance leader, you must stay informed and up-to-date on your employees? licensure and certifications. This is especially important when state laws, regulations, and requirements are constantly evolving. As such, It is vital to have a tool that assists with maintaining compliance with industry regulations. A professional license Verification (PLV) solution, such as Certemy, provides an array of features to help you easily manage your staff?s professional licensure and certifications. These tools are essential for staying on top of compliance and increasing employee utilization.

The Challenges Associated with Professional License Verification

Traditionally, professional license verification could be done manually, requiring a lot of manual entry and time from compliance leaders. This task is especially difficult when it comes to ensuring accuracy with credential expiration dates, as well as the true status of an employees license within a certain state. Thus, manual processes and spreadsheets can no longer answer the compliance challenge.

In addition, the complications associated with compliance become even more concrete when managing a multi-state workforce, as regulations and license requirements vary from state to state. Without an automated system in place, It is difficult to track licensure in multiple states without significant manual effort and resources.

Benefits of an Automated Professional License Verification Tool

An automated professional license verification tool from Certemy automates the tracking and primary source verification of employee licenses and credentials. This solution is trusted by many of the largest U.S. employers and can save time, mitigate risk, and help with staff utilization.

Using Certemys PLV solution, licenses are tracked in real-time, giving full control and visibility to the organizations? management. With automated workflows that are fully configurable, the process is user-friendly and frictionless. Certemys technology and user experience make it quick and easy to set up, update, report, and alert team members to expiring credentials, and any other changes to their license status.

This real-time visibility also increases efficiencies and strengthens compliance when it comes to managing and tracking licensure. The solution is so user friendly that onboarding of new users can also be done with ease. Plus, Certemys PLV solution doesn?t just automate the tracking and management of employee licenses and certifications, it also actively validates the data by linking to each state?s online database to confirm that the record is accurate.

Concluding concepts

Maintaining an organizations licensure and certifications is an ongoing challenge that requires significant manual effort. Non-compliance carries serious repercussions that can cost an organization time, money, and its reputation. Automated professional license verification solutions, such as Certemy, are designed to help an organization easily track and manage licensure, while also saving time and money by keeping operational costs low.

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