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The human resources and operations team of any business are responsible for ensuring that every employee is qualified for their position. This includes ensuring they possess the right licenses or certifications they need to legally do their job. It can be a time consuming process to make sure that all employees meet the necessary criteria for their roles. Automatic license and certification Verification not only saves time but it also prevents errors and helps organizations stay compliant. Certemys automated license and certification verification technology offers end-to-end verification solutions that quickly verify the licensure and certification status of applicants and existing personnel.

Certemy provides precise primary source license and certification verification to ensure legal Compliance. Primary source verification is the process of having a nonbiased third-party corroborate a professional license or certification directly with the issuing authority. This is the most accurate and reliable method of verification. Certemy utilizes primary source verification to ensure that employees are properly licensed and qualified. All license and certification information is sourced from the United States Professional Credentialing Accreditation Commission (USPCAC).

Certemys automated license verification platform leverages pre-built workflows that are fully configurable. This enables organizations to automate license application processes quickly and efficiently. Certemy also facilitates the tracking and management of licenses and certifications in one system of record. This eliminates the need for physical license tracking and manual updates. Certemy automatically records and updates license and certification expiration dates, giving businesses visibility and control over their compliance program in real-time.

In addition to license and certification tracking, Certemy also provides potential employers with the additional assurance of background check verification. Certemy uses artificial intelligence to scan millions of records and provide a comprehensive report. This is a great way to ensure applicants are safe for hire and to detect any potential discrepancies between the information provided by the applicant and the information in the pre-employment screening system.

Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US businesses to save time and improve staff utilization. Their license verification system is designed with the intention of helping companies spot potential sanctions or other forms of discipline when it comes to employee qualifications or records. Certemy can help companies stay ahead of compliance and mitigating potential risk in the workplace.

Certemys license and certification verification platform is an essential tool for any organization looking to verify licensure and certifications quickly and effectively. It eliminates time-consuming manual processes, eliminates errors, and ensures that organizations are compliant with all legal and occupational requirements for their employees.


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