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The workforce of today is largely regulated and held accountable by government agencies, nonprofits, and private companies. To ensure quality and professional performance, organizations are turning to professional licensing certification for their employees. With the implementation of license verification tools such as Certemy, employers can improve their compliance strategy and stay up to date with industry regulations and standards.

Certemy is a primary source license verification tool, developed by Certemysolutions Inc. The company provides an automated system that can validate occupational licenses and certifications in all 50 U.S. States. Employers can use the system to maintain full transparency and control over their workforce compliance software. Certemy also fine tunes staff utilization and provides employers with uninterrupted license tracking of employees.

In this article, we?ll discuss the Certemy license verification tool and explore how it helps organizations ensure compliance and improve employee productivity.

Overview of the Certemy License Verification Tool

Certemys primary source verification system is designed to simplify the process of verifying employee credentials and certification. It eliminates the hassle of chasing paper documentation and tedious manual searches to recap and validate license information. Employers can maintain a single system of record for all their employee certifications and easily find license expiry dates, renewals and sanctions. Certemy offers a highly configurable workflow to streamline the process of maintaining and tracking employee certificates, making it easier for employers to manage multiple certifications across different levels of workers.

Employers can also use Certemys pre-built workflows to automate the process of applying for or renewing employee certificates. This ensures that businesses are compliant with the relevant regulations and paperwork is processed quickly and easily. Certemy also offers the ability to conduct background screenings on new applicants or employees.

Key Features and Advantages of the Certemy License Verification Tool

The primary features of Certemys license verification tool can be divided into four categories.

1. Automated Certification and License Verification

Certemy provides automated license and certification verification, which can be used to validate employee credentials in all U.S. states. Certified personnel can use the system to quickly and easily validate certificates and information on newly hired personnel.

2. Compliance Tracking and Monitoring

Certemys automated tracking and monitoring system helps employers to maintain compliance with the latest industry regulations. It also helps ensure long-term success by updating employers on new developments in their sector or region.

3. Employee License Application and Renewal Platform

Certemy automates the complex process of applying for and renewing employee licenses and certifications. This reduces the hassle of paper documentation and manual searches, allowing employers to quickly and easily address grievances or personnel changes.

4. Background Screening

Certemys background screening module allows employers to quickly and easily conduct thorough background checks on new applicants and established personnel. This reduces the risk of hiring unqualified or untrustworthy employees and helps create a safe work environment.

Benefits of Implementing the Certemy License Verification Tool

Certemy license verification helps organizations reduce their compliance costs while maximizing staff utilization. Its automated system also allows employers to quickly and easily maintain internal records and verify credentials.

Using Certemy, employers can also obtain real-time updates on employee licenses, helping them keep ahead of changes in the industry. Additionally, companies can quickly and easily access the system?s pre-built workflows, which ensure compliance while streamlining the process of applying for or renewing employees? certificates.

To summarize

Certemys license verification tool is designed to reduce compliance costs while ensuring long-term staff utilization and success. It offers an automated system with up-to-date license tracking and primary source verification. Employers can leverage its pre-built workflows to automate the process of maintaining and renewing employee licenses and Certifications.

Certemys license verification tool also provides employers with comprehensive screening features, ensuring that quality and qualified personnel are hired at all times. Overall, Certemy is an efficient and reliable platform that helps organizations ensure compliance and improve staff productivity and utilization.


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