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Are you a compliance lead tasked with researching a professional license verification tool? Are you struggling to find a solution that is affordable, intuitive, and comprehensive? Certemy was founded with the goal of helping companies stay compliant and securely manage their employee licenses and certifications. At Certemy, we strive to make license verification straightforward and automated. Whether you need to verify limited low voltage or contractor electrical licenses, our comprehensive platform makes compliance easy.

What Is Primary Source Verification?

When it comes to license verification, primary source verification is the gold standard. It requires contacting a government organization or a primary source to confirm the validity and currency of a professional license. Certemy has a unique automated system that enables companies to eliminate the manual effort associated with traditional license verification processes, while simultaneously ensuring compliance with government regulations. By validating the information directly with a state’s primary source, like the Department of Licensing and Regulation, Certemy ensures that the licensure information is accurate, timely, and up-to-date.

Comprehensive Approach to License Verification

A comprehensive approach to license verification is essential to any HR operations strategy. Certemy allows employers to track and manage licenses and certifications across all states and many more regulatory authorities with their end to end automated system. In addition, their pre-built workflows make the process of certifying and tracking licenses fast and efficient. This saves employers both time and money by preventing costly delays or errors.

Remain Compliant and Stay Ahead of Regulatory Changes

Regulations for license and certification can change frequently and unexpectedly. It is critical for companies to remain aware and up to date of these changes in order to remain compliant. With Certemy, bookkeeping firms can stay ahead of changes with automated license tracking and primary source verification. Certemy also informs employers when certifications are about to expire, notifying companies ahead of time for easy renewal.

Real-time Tracking of Credentials

Certemy is the go-to solution for HR professionals to securely and efficiently manage their employee licenses and credentials. With just a few clicks, you can gather real-time, up-to-date information on employee licensure status from multiple jurisdictions. This allows employers to keep all of their employee information up to date in one secure system of record.

Increase Team Productivity and Visibility

Certemys automated workflows improve team productivity and visibility across the entire organization. Configurable workflows allow companies to quickly and easily comply with state regulations, streamline communication with license-holders, and manage renewal notices. This is essential for companies that need to monitor and manage thousands of diverse licenses and certifications.

Final notions

Certemy was designed to give employers a comprehensive and automated solution to license verification. Whether you need to verify limited low voltage or contractor electrical licenses, Certemy makes compliance easy. Our primary source verification system ensures that regulatory requirements are met for all professional licensure, saving time, mitigating risk, and keeping your organization compliant.


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