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In the modern workplace, compliance and workforce management leaders must carry immense burden of responsibilities, including proper employee credential and license verification. Primary source verification (PSV) of occupational licenses and certifications is an effective tool for mitigating risk and ensuring compliance — but it is a process that requires significant time, resources, and attention.

Certemy provides a professional license verification tool that automates primary source verification, streamlines the process and ensures that employee credentials and licenses are current and free of disciplinary action. The product is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States, providing assurance of compliance and ease of mind for operations and HR leaders.

Product Highlights

Certemys professional license verification tool allows Human Resources leaders to confidently manage their workforce through proactive compliance and improved staff utilization. The product provides these main features:

Real-time Tracking: Streamline tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record.

Automated Verification : Leverage pre-built workflows with configurable automation for license application processes.

Team Productivity : Improve team productivity and organization-wide visibility.

Organized Infrastructure : Implement complete visibility and control over your compliance program for a cohesive infrastructure.

what isets Certemy Apart?

Certemy is an industry leader in License Verification with the most comprehensive system of primary source verification and automated tracking available in the market. With the resources and technology of Certemy, users can feel secure that their workforce remains in compliance with any government regulation or industry certification.

Certemys verification system verifies occupational licenses and certifications against databases from all U.S. state licensing boards, verification organizations, and additional sources in over 200 jurisdictions. This allows HR professionals to automate the process of managing, tracking, and reporting on employee license and credential data, such as license expiration dates and mandatory continuing education credits (CEUs).

The Benefits

Certemys comprehensive licenses verification system helps to save time, reduce risk, and improve utilization of your team. Automated verification with Certemy takes hours off manual process, leaving HR leaders free to handle other matters. Additionally, Certemys real-time tracking helps Human Resources to stay ahead of regulatory complications and respond proactively to employing rules and regulations.

Human Resources professionals will find that Certemy is not only a great value, but a necessary tool for streamlining PSV processes, saving money, and mitigating risk. The product allows them to quickly and accurately demonstrate due diligence and keep operational costs in check.


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