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For many Nurse Managers, the thought of manually verifying hundreds of licenses for staff members can be overwhelming. To make matters worse, due to an increasingly mobile workforce, staying ahead of regulatory compliance can add an added layer of complexity. The good news is, with the help of automated license tracking and primary source verification, risk mitigation and compliance can be ensured while maintaining efficiency and optimal staff utilization.

Why Primary Source Verification is Necessary for Nurse Managers

Primary source verification, also referred to as “Point of care” or “real-time verification”, is used to ensure that a professional license is valid. It is a crucial component of any workforce compliance program, as it establishes the legitimacy and accuracy of employment credentials, as well as verifies and records professional qualifications. These types of verifications are essential for Nurse Managers and other health care organizations in order to reduce the risk of incompetent staff, and is necessary for the protection of patients and the reputation of the organization.

Benefits of Primary Source Verification for Nurse Managers

Primary source verification not only helps to ensure regulatory compliance, but also improves staff productivity and overall visibility for Nurse Managers. Automation of license application processes allow organizations to leverage pre-built workflows for streamlined, efficient, and accurate credential verifications. Additionally, this type of verification provides Nurse Managers with direct access to employee licenses and credentials in one system of record. This allows teams to easily monitor, track, and manage licenses and certifications, which ultimately reduces operational complexity and the cost associated with manual checking.

what ishould Nurse Managers Look for in a License Verification Tool?

When selecting a license verification tool, Nurse Managers should look for features that will simplify the process of keeping up with regulatory compliance and ensuring that employees are properly certified and specialized for their roles. This includes opting for a system with robust automation capabilities, a single system of record that is easy to use and access, and primary source verification capabilities.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that can assist Nurse Managers by validating occupational licenses and certifications earned by the staff. Their services offer complete visibility and control over the workforce compliance program. By utilizing real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials, health care organizations can rest assured that they are accurately meeting all necessary regulations and legal requirements.

To summarize

Primary source verification is an essential component of any workforce compliance program that Nurse Managers must consider to ensure effectiveness and accuracy. To reduce operational complexity and keep up with regulatory compliance, health care organizations should consider opting for an automated license verification tool that offers robust automation capabilities, a single system of record, and primary source verification. By doing so, Nurse Managers can rest assure that their staff members are properly qualified and specialized for their roles.


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