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Ensuring Compliance is a top priority for any organization, and verifying that professional licensure is up-to-date is key in maintaining regulatory standards. Certemy provides a solution for organizations to streamline the license Verification process and save time while reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Today, license verification is often a manual, complicated process requiring HR staff to search multiple systems, contact various boards and navigate complex rules and regulations. With such a manual process, it is difficult for organizations to stay compliant over time and keep pace with changing requirements.

Certemy makes it easier for organizations to ensure professional licensure compliance in their hiring practices. Our automated primary source verification system validates occupational licenses and certifications across your employees, confirming that they are active, appropriately renewed, and free of sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Certemy enables employers to gain complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance program. Automated license tracking and primary source verification keeps organizations ahead of regulatory compliance, and our real-time tracking of employee licenses provides a single system of record to improve and maximize team productivity.

Certemys pre-built workflows are customizable and user-friendly, allowing HR teams to automatically manage and track license application processes. Our system automatically audits documents to ensure accuracy and compliance, minimizing the risk of errors or inaccuracies.

Certemy eliminates the costly and time-consuming manual processes associated with license verification, reducing the administrative burden and cost to employers. With our automated system, organizations are able to access up-to-date licensure information with the click of a button, making it easy to stay compliant and get back to focusing on what matters most ? their mission.

We have helped some of the largest US employers save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization with our license verification system. Our platform utilizes advanced technology to obtain primary source verification of employee licenses in real-time, providing a single source of truth to help organizations remain compliant and ensure safe, quality healthcare for their patients.

Certemy makes professional license verification an automated process and helps employers stay compliant with changing regulatory requirements. Our system allows organizations to manage and track licenses and certifications across their entire workforce, giving them the ability to stay ahead of the curve and remain compliant in this ever-changing landscape.


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