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Health Service Administrators (HSAs) control the delivery of healthcare services an organization provides. The role of an HSA brings along many responsibilities, and one of the most critical ones is to ensure that all staff members possess the right credentials and licenses needed to occupy their roles. Managing these credentials is complicated without the right tools and processes in place.

Automated professional license Verification is an essential tool for HSAs. By leveraging an automated license verification system, HSAs can remain ahead of the Compliance burden and manage the tracking and renewal of all professional licenses from one source of record.

In this article, we will discuss how automated professional license verification can help HSAs with regulatory compliance, track all staff licenses, and improve the productivity of their team.

What is Automated Professional License Verification?

Automated professional license verification is a system used to validate an individual or organizations professional license from the individual’s primary issuing body or board. This process brings more accuracy and reliability to the verification process and significantly reduces the manual work involved in tracking down credentials.

Organizations like healthcare systems, hospitals, and nursing homes often have to comply with certain licensing or certification requirements that vary from one jurisdiction to another. Automated license verification systems are specifically designed to track employee credentials and license status in real-time and get notified when a credential needs to be renewed or an individual’s license has expired.

The Benefits of Automated Professional License Verification for HSAs

An automated professional license verification system provides HSAs with the visibility, control, and tools they need for regulatory compliance, as well as track and manage licenses and certifications. Here are some of the key benefits for HSAs:

1. Stay Ahead of Regulatory Compliance

HSAs are responsible for ensuring all credentials are up-to-date and in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. With an automated professional license verification system, HSAs can easily track licenses and certifications across their employees and ensure they do not fall out of compliance. This saves time and helps HSAs mitigate potential risk associated with not having proper certifications on file.

2. Real-Time Tracking

Having a single source of record to track employee licenses and credentials simplifies the process of collecting and organizing credentials. An automated professional license verification system allows HSAs to easily view all employee licenses in one easy-to-access location. This helps ensure all staff members have up-to-date certifications and are ready to work, allowing HSAs to utilize their staff more effectively.

3. Pre-Built Workflows

An automated license verification system also has pre-built workflows that are completely configurable, making it possible for HSAs to automate the license application process. This not only helps streamline the process of obtaining a license but also helps to save time and reduce paperwork.

4. Improves Visibility Across the Organization

Having a system in place that handles all professional licenses helps to make the entire process more transparent throughout the organization. It gives HSAs a better understanding of how the organization is performing with respect to licensing and compliance. This improved visibility helps to ensure that the organization is meeting its goals and objectives when it comes to regulatory compliance.

5. Improves Team Productivity

With real-time tracking of license and credential information and pre-built workflows, an automated professional license verification system can help reduce the number of manual tasks related to license management. This can lead to increased team productivity and improved utilization of staff resources.

The main takeaway

Automated professional license verification is an incredibly valuable tool for HSAs. It helps to simplify the often complex process of managing and keeping track of licenses and certifications. By leveraging an automated license verification system, HSAs are able to stay ahead of the compliance burden and remain in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Additionally, automated professional license verification systems also allow HSAs to have complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, track employee licenses in real-time, and automate license application processes. All of this can help to improve team productivity and visibility across the organization.


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