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As employers tackle the complexities of managing their workforce?s credentials, verifying that your Certified Wound Care Nurses (CWCN) are properly licensed is critically important for the safety of your employees as well as the patients they serve. It is the responsibility of Human Resources (HR) and compliance leads to ensure compliance with legal requirements and to maintain strict policies regarding healthcare professional licensing.

In this article, we explore how primary source verification can provide companies with the confidence needed to maintain proper operations as employers and to fully comply with all legal requirements. In addition, we discuss how technology can improve the hiring, credentialing, and license tracking processes and how it helps organizations strengthen their workforce compliance program.

The Role of Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is an automated system used by HR leaders and other decision-makers to validate the credentials of healthcare workers including CWCNs. Primary source verification checks a database of state and national licensing agencies and boards to ensure that the certification or license of healthcare professionals is current before they can begin or continue providing services. This ensures that employees are no longer required to go back and forth with manual license tracking, verifying credentials and discovering out-of-date licenses.

Primary source verification is the foundation for any occupational license program, providing an essential layer of security for employers, state licensing boards, and its customers. With primary source verification, employers can anticipate any potential criminal history or potential losses associated with an unlicensed CNWC or other healthcare professional.

The Benefits of Automated License Tracking

The use of an automated license tracking system provides employers with a secure and reliable framework to easily track, store, and monitor the credentials of medical professionals. Automated tracking can help reduce administrative costs and time associated with manually verifying licenses, as well as ensuring compliance with state regulations. With automated license tracking, organizations can:

Reduce the number of follow up calls or emails needed to verify licenses

Keep the employees credentials up to date so that the organization is not liable if there is any non-compliance

Provide automated license expiration dates to ensure timely renewals

Save time in the onboarding process as employers can quickly certify licensed professionals

Reduce legal costs associated with non-compliance issues

Manage confidential employee and customer information securely

In addition to the time savings and assurance of regulatory compliance, employers are also able to save money and reduce legal risks associated with known or potential non-compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Improving the Onboarding Process

One of the greatest advantages of using an automated license tracking system is the improved onboarding experience it provides to both the employer and the employee. Automated tracking can help streamline the onboarding process by automating the verification and renewal of licenses as soon as they are needed.

In addition, automated tracking provides the employer with complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. This includes tracking the employees professional credentials and certifications as well as monitoring their progress through the onboarding process. This improved visibility and control allows employers to more effectively manage their teams and provides employees with the ability to apply for and track their licenses from one unified system.

Trusted Licensing Verification Services

Certemy is a trusted leader in license verification, providing employers with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications quickly and accurately. With Certemy, employers are able to validate Certified Wound Care Nurse (CWCN) licensure and other healthcare professionals with the highest level of accuracy.

In addition to primary source verification, Certemy provides employers with an automated tracking system that lets them know when licenses and certifications are up for renewal, allowing them to stay ahead of legal compliance and avoid costly fines. By leveraging Certemys pre-built workflows, employers can quickly and easily create and track license applications with the highest degree of accuracy.

Reinforce Compliance with Primary Source Verification

With the increased focus on workforce compliance, employers need to be sure that their Certified Wound Care Nurses (CWCN) credentials are up-to-date and verified. Primary source verification is the key to effective compliance management and an essential tool for employers to ensure that their workforce is properly licensed and protected. Automating the license tracking process provides organizations with the time-savings and assurance of regulatory compliance needed to protect their most valuable asset: their people.


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