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As professionals advance in their career, they must constantly maintain accurate and up-to-date professional licenses. Keeping track of license renewals, state-by-state licensing requirements, and other paperwork can easily become overwhelming. To make life easier for both the employee and employers, automation of professional license Verification is fast becoming a popular way to reduce paperwork and errors in the workplace.

The automated verification of professional licenses provides numerous advantages not just to employers, but also to law firms, Compliance officers, and any other entities that need to confirm the legitimacy and accuracy of said professional licenses. It ispeeds up the process by automating the whole process of license verification. It also takes away the need to manually verify credentials through various state agencies.

Before diving into the advantages of automation for professional license verification, let?s look at the process behind traditional license verification.

Traditional License Verification Procedure

The traditional process of verifying professional licenses requires a considerable amount of time. An employer or credentialing entity, for example, has to go through the painstaking process of asking the employee to provide all the relevant and valid documentation for the license. This means documents such as proof of continuing education, a recent photograph, and proof of identity might be required in order to validate the professional license.

Once all the documents have been gathered, a team of human resources (HR) managers has to evaluate each piece of documentation and compare them to the state?s requirements for the professional license. This involves manually searching through websIt is and databases to double-check the accuracy of the credentials.

When all the documents and information have been verified, this represents only one step in the process. The employer and/or credentialing entity still needs to contact the state licensing board to confirm all the information provided by the employee.

Once this is done, the state licensing board will then issue a confirmation if the professional license is valid, meaning the process can then be closed.

Advantages of Automated License Verification

When it comes to automated license verification, the process is significantly faster and more secure. Employers, credentialing entities, and other entities can quickly?and accurately?verify the accuracy of professional licenses. Furthermore, it eliminates a lot of the time-consuming steps associated with manual license verification.

Certemy is one of the leading providers of automated license verification solutions. Their automated primary source verification system can validate professional licenses from across the United States and can save employers anywhere from 3-4 weeks in their verification process. It also confirms whether a license is active and free of any disciplinary actions, reducing the risk of errors and increasing accountability.

Certemy also offers pre-built workflows to speed up the license application process. This helps employers and other entities maintain better control of their workforce compliance program. Furthermore, with a real-time tracking system of employee licenses and credentials, organizations can get detailed visibility across the entire organization.

To conclude

The automation of professional license verification is quickly becoming the go-to solution for employers and other entities looking for a secure and efficient licensing solution. It eliminates a lot of the manual steps and paperwork associated with traditional license verification processes and can provide better visibility and control of an organizations compliance program.

By leveraging a tool such as Certemy, employers, law firms, and other entities can save time, improve staff utilization, and mitigate risk. Automated license tracking and primary source verification put the power of accuracy back into the hands of employers and other stakeholders.


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