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As healthcare operations and operations of all kinds continue to add complexity to their workflows, the need for technological solutions to aid them in the effort has increased exponentially. One such tool that has become increasingly popular is primary source license verification (PLV), which allows organizations to automate an important step in any professional workforce: confirming everyone is properly licensed to do their job.

In this article, we’ll explain what primary source license verification is, how it works, and the benefits it offers employers as part of their human resource curriculums.

What is Primary Source License Verification?

Primary source license verification (PLV) is an automated, primary source system that verifies occupational licenses and certifications. It is a critical part of the employer-employee relationship, verifying that the employee is of legal age, has the appropriate license and certification, and is free of any sanctions or discipline.

PLV goes beyond a manual check against State Boards of Licensing, as verification is done in real-time. The process is completed by comparing and cross-referencing the licenses submitted to the PLV system against multiple government databases, such as the Department of Professional Regulation, the Professional Licensing Agency, or the issuing agency of any professional licenses or certifications.

The result is a confirmation that the details submitted are true, and that the license and certifications are active and valid. PLV is a much more thorough process than a manual search, providing employers with the assurance that their employees are license-approved.

How Does Primary Source License Verification Work?

When an employee is searching for verification, the request is made to the primary source verification system. This verifies if the license or certification is valid and updated to the most current version.

Typically, the employee will enter their information into the system then click on ?Verify.? This will trigger the primary source verification system to begin the work.

Once a request is made, the primary source license verification system will check the issuing agency in the State where the license or certification was issued. It will then compare and cross-reference that information with multiple government databases to ensure that the details submitted are valid, and the license and certification is active, properly renewed, and free from any disciplinary actions.

Once the process is complete, the system will generate a report with the results. This report can be used both as a form of proof of licensure and as documentation for compliance.

Benefits of Using Primary Source License Verification

Using a primary source verification system to confirm that an employee is properly licensed offers a number of benefits for employers.

The biggest benefit is that it helps reduce the risk of liability and legal issues. By confirming that an employee has the necessary license and certification, employers can protect themselves from potential lawsuit claims or licensing/regulatory fines.

It also improves privacy and data security. By automating the license verification process, employers can be sure that the data is kept secure and that sensitive information is not shared with any third-party service providers.

Finally, it reduces administrative costs. By automating the verification process and ensuring that all necessary licenses and certifications are up-to-date, employers can save on time and money that would have been spent otherwise.

The core message

Primary source license verification is a critical asset for employers in the healthcare field, as it allows employers to quickly and easily automate the verification process and ensure proper licensure and certifications for any number of employees. It is a cost-effective, thorough approach to managing employee licenses and credentials, offering employers a number of benefits, such as improved data security and reduced risk of lawsuits or fines.


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