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Maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations regarding occupational licensure can be a complex process. Unfortunately, so can the process of verifying that licensure remains active and up-to-date. Companies and organizations have gone to great lengths to ensure compliance, only to find out later that the license used to employ the individual in question has expired or been suspended.

When efforts on license verification aren?t taken seriously, companies face serious financial and non-financial penalties. But manually verifying licenses and credentials is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. With Certemys license verification system, organizations not only receive primary source verification in real-time; they also have complete transparency and control over their workforce compliance programs.

In this article, we?ll explore how companies can automate their license verification practices in order to maintain healthy compliance levels and properly manage staff utilization while mitigating risk and saving time.

What is License Verification?

License verification is the process of confirming that a professional license or certification is current and active, and that it has not been suspended due to disciplinary action or other violations of regulatory laws. This is usually done by cross-referencing the licensure with the governing agency for your profession.

Organizations know that verifying licenses is important; however, manual processes and outdated technology are often the culprits when it comes to inadequate and unreliable methods of verification. Lack of comprehensive control can ultimately result in financial penalties and other sanctions.

Manual License Verification Challenges

Manual license verification can be incredibly bulky administratively and difficult to follow through on diligently. It can require large amounts of paperwork and record-keeping. In addition, manual processes are subject to potential human errors that can lead to discrepancies in licensure verification, leaving companies exposed to potential penalties or missed opportunities.

Organizations that are able to keep up with licensure requirements while effectively allocating staff resources are more likely to remain compliant. Unfortunately, when manual processes are in place, human resource managers become bogged down with administrative tasks, taking them away from other potentially profitable activities.

Certemys Automated License Verification System

Certemys automated license verification system is a comprehensive solution that enables organizations to remain compliant, mitigate risk and save time in the process. The system is designed to automatically track and manage active licenses and certifications, empowering organizations to leverage pre-built workflows backed by primary source verification.

This system of record enables real-time tracking of employee credentials, providing insight into staff utilization at all times. The system also has the capacity to automatically track licensure applications while remaining compliant with local and federal regulations and standards.

Miscellaneous Benefits of Certemys Automated License Verification System

Certemys license verification system has been trusted by some of the most well-known organizations in the US. Other than mitigating risk, saving time and improving staff utilization, this automated system also comes with a few other features.

For instance, it ensures complete visibility and control over your workforce compliance program. Certemy also provides industry-specific pre-built templates to drive consistent license application processes. It also gives access to data-driven insights into hiring trends and staff utilization, ensuring that your organization compiles and leverages the most competitive workforce at all times.

To conclude

Organizations have a responsibility to abide by local and federal laws regarding occupational licensure. With manual processes, organizations may struggle to maintain compliance while staff resources are overburdened with trivial tasks.

Certemys license verification system not only offers organizations a comprehensive solution to help them remain complaint while saving time; it also helps them to monitor staff utilization (by leveraging data-driven insights), expedite the recruitment process, and manage license applications.


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