License Verification Tool | ACHPN – Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner

When hiring employees for a business, ensuring they are professionally compliant in their respective roles is essential for delivering quality services. Organizations need to have confidence that employees are appropriately certified and licensed to perform their respective roles, and that these certifications and licenses are consistently up-to-date and in Compliance with applicable regulations. While a valid license is required to perform certain tasks, many businesses are finding it difficult to manually verify licenses or regularly track license renewal dates.

Top challenge among HR professionals is effectively verifying that an employee holds an active and valid license, and that any dates related to an upcoming renewal are readily available and organized. This is crucial to ensure conformance to regulations and avoid any civil or administrative penalties against the company. This often involves significant time and resources to manually track each employees licenses and coordinate the filing of renewals appropriately; having an automated license Verification system in place can help to drive operational efficiencies and reduce the compliance risks associated with manual tracking.

Certemy offers an automated license verification system that streamlines the HR process to easily and quickly identify any employees who are out of compliance with their license or certification requirements. The system’s primary source verification validates that certificates and licenses are current and in good standing, free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. With its compliance tracking capability, the system is designed to keep businesses ahead of regulations and any changes that may occur.

Certemys automated verification system helps organizations securely track and manage licenses and certification, and documents all related requirements for each employee. This provides main visibility and control into their operational compliance program, and helps to optimize their workforce utilization. Automated workflows are helpful for storing employee licenses, such as a Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner (APCHPN), and can make it easier for HR teams to track licenses and certifications in a single system of record. Overall, this increases team productivity and creates increased visibility across the entire organization.

The automated license verification system from Certemy features a unified platform that includes both professional license and credential tracking capabilities. This reduces the time spent on verifying employee certifications and motivates compliance across the entire organization. This allows organizations to collect all pertinent data on each employee, including any required immunizations or identity documents, so that managers can easily identify employees who are due for license renewal. Moreover, Certmey?s platform allows HR teams to track changes to regulations in real-time and react accordingly.

By leveraging automation in license verification, businesses can save time, minimize risks, and ultimately ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Certemys automated license verification system provides businesses across the United States with the support they need to secure their compliance program, meet all regulatory obligations, and ultimately protect businesses and employees from noncompliance to license verification.


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