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For modern organizations, implementing workforce compliance programs is critical to avoiding expensive fines and to ensure the accuracy of their personnel records. In many industries where employee competencies are governed by credentials such as certifications or licenses, license verification tools enable organizations to manage their compliance programs with greater accuracy and reliability.

Certemy is a market-leading license verification platform that automates the primary source verification of professional licenses and certifications across an organizations workforce with unprecedented visibility and control. It is trusted by many of the largest employers in the US to save time, reduce risk, and optimize personnel utilization.

Deterring Risk of Regulatory Noncompliance

Using Certemy, organizations can leverage an automated system of record for employee license tracking. This real-time system of record allows companies to ensure accurate records and tracking of employee licenses, which ultimately guards against the possibility of regulatory noncompliance.

In the past, the process of verifying professional credentials was largely done manually, making it an extremely time-consuming and error-prone process. With Certemy, primary source verification, as mandated by the Bureau of Professional Licensing, is automated and significantly speeds up the process of credentialing and tracking.

Organizations gain automatic notification of expiring licenses or needed renewals, which reduces the risk of fines or sanctions due to employee license expiration. Certemy then stores the verified license information in one of its secure systems of record, ensuring it is always updated in real time.

Improving Visibility and Productivity

Certemy provides organizations with unprecedented visibility into their workforce compliance programs, and streamlines the onboarding and credentialing process for new employees. With its powerful workflows, employers can automate license applications, reducing time-consuming processes and improving staff productivity.

Organizations are able to quickly see which members of their team are not compliant at any given time, while also gaining full transparency into their workforce compliance metrics. Certemy also helps organizations save money by reducing the manual effort required for credentialing and onboarding.

Eliminating Manual Data Entry for Accurate Records

Organizations can also generate reports quickly and accurately with Certemy, as personnel information is automatically updated as needed. This helps avoid inconsistencies in personnel records and eliminates any manual data entry by personnel.

In addition, the capability to track licenses across an entire organization eliminates the stress of ensuring documents are accurate. Certemy quickly syncs documents and provides an automated audit trail for any regulatory inquiries.


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