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In the US, certain professions require licensure and credentialing. These professional certificates demonstrate mastery or a minimum level of know-how in a specialized field and enable the individual to practice their profession. Professional license verification is the process to check if someone holds a valid license in a particular field. Companies are often tasked with the responsibility of verifying licenses of their employees, contractors, and vendors to comply with the applicable regulations and mitigate risks.

License verification used to be a paper-intensive and time-consuming process, but with the advancement of technology, licensee registration boards, licensing examiners, and credential verifiers now use automated and web-based systems to make the process faster and more accurate. The traditional approach of manual verification is no longer reliable, as most of the regulatory agencies have started using online databases to store this information. As such, businesses need automated solutions for primary source verification to access professional credentials and licenses to ensure the accuracy of their verification processes.

Certemy provides a digital platform to automate the entire license verification process and ensure full compliance with all regulations. With the platform, companies can see real-time updates of their employees? licenses and credentials, track renewals, and be alerted of potential expiration risks. This system of record also has pre-built workflows which are fully configurable, to automate the entire license application process and streamline the license tracking processes.

The Benefits of Automating License Verification

– Increased productivity: Automated and online license verification dramatically reduces the time taken to vet license applicants, resulting in increased efficiency and improved team productivity.

– Improved accuracy: Automated license verification is more accurate than manual verification, as it is less prone to human error and eliminates the need for paperwork, making the process more reliable and accurate.

– Reduced risk: Automation of the license verification process helps reduce risk by providing employers with accurate employee information and helping them stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

– Increased visibility: With a digital charge, companies can get clear visibility across the entire organization on their employee licenses and other credentials.

– More cost-effective: By automating the license verification process, companies will save time, effort, and resources that would have been spent on manual verification.

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The process of verifying employee licenses can be complicated and resource-draining. With the help of automation, however, companies can increase compliance, streamline the process, and save time and resources. Certemys automated solution is helping employers stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements and maintain proper license tracking and verification process.


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