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The challenge of staying compliant when it comes to professional license and certificate verifications can be daunting for HR departments, and any mistakes made could have serious repercussions. Accessing the relevant professional authority records and verifying licenses with primary source validation is essential for HR departments who want to avoid costly errors and potential legal ramifications.

Certemy is a leader in license verification and provides an automated primary source validation system which can be used to validate professional licenses and certifications for all employees. With Certemy, HR departments have complete visibility and control over their workforce compliance programs, allowing them to track and manage licenses in one system of record.

What Does Primary Source Validation Entail?

Primary source validation is the process of verifying a credentials? status with the official source that issues the license or certification. This includes verifying with the state licensing board, national registration / certification agencies, national clearinghouses, and/or other organizations authorized to issue licenses and certifications.

It is important for HR departments to understand that primary source validation is not a self-reported system and It is not necessary to contact the individual directly in order to verify and validate a license.

How Can Primary Source Validation Make Life Easier?

Primary source validation provides HR departments with real-time updates and notifications for their active employee licenses and certificates. Additionally, Certemys automated platform makes it easy to verify and validate licenses and certifications.

Certemys platform allows HR departments to track and manage all licenses and certificates in one system of record, improving staff productivity and visibility. The platform also uses pre-built workflows that are fully configurable, making it easy to automate license application processes.

Furthermore, Certemys license verification system will save HR departments time, mitigate compliance risks, and enhance staff utilization.

Key point

Manual verification of licenses and certificates is time consuming and inefficient. Primary source validation with the help of a platform like Certemy makes it easy for HR departments to mitigate compliance risks and cut down on costs.


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