License Verification Tool | ECC – Emergency Cardiovascular Care

The Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) profession is integral to providing operations with lifesaving care and treatments to those in need. Effective management of the profession requires accountability and transparency that extends into license/credential verification and verification processes. Organizations require reliable solutions that help streamline verification to automate a process that ends up yielding timely & accurate results. Fortunately, professional license/credential verification solutions offer just that.

Verifying employee licenses is important for organizations in the Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) space due to the time-sensitive nature of the operations. Not only do credential verifications help organizations remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations, but it also helps to provide the best emergency medical services (EMS) to those in need in a timely fashion. Additionally, organizations need to ensure that the verifications they obtain are accurate and complete, which can depend largely on the process they use to obtain them.

Certemy offers an automated primary source licensure verification system that can help organizations in the ECC space with their license and credential verification needs. With Certemy, organizations can easily and accurately track and swiftly vet personnel licensure, saving time and money on managing the verifications. It provides insights into the licenses and certifications held by their personnel and enables organizations to establish automated workflows to meet the demands of the compliance demands in the industry.

Certemy addresses much of the frustrations associated with obtaining and verifying licenses and credentials. The platform eliminates the need for organizations to manually requesting, tracking, and obtaining licensure verification for the personnel they employ in ECC operations. The system also provides organizations with visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. By automating the entire guidance, organizations can ensure their personnel licensure remains compliant with all applicable regulations.

Organizations also receive real-time tracking of personnel licenses and certifications in one system and valuable insight from the platform. From pre-built workflows, automated license application processes, notifications of licensure expiration and renewal, and more, Certemy offers a comprehensive solution to managing licensure complexities, eliminating the need for redundant efforts. The sophisticated, yet easy-to-use platform makes the certification process easier and streamlined, helping organizations save on overhead costs, mitigated compliance risks, and improved staff utilization.

By combining two powerful tools – automation and primary source verification – Certemy gives organizations the means to create an effective compliance program tailored to their organizations specific needs. Organizations have the ability to customize workflows, set notifications and alerts when personnel certifications expire, and more. The platform also allows organizations to confirm that their personnel’s certifications are properly renewed, active, and free from sanctions or any disciplinary actions.

Thanks to license/credential verification solutions such as Certemy, organizations now have the capability to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of all their personnel’s licensing and credentialing. The process helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory requirements, promoting a culture of compliance and helping personnel provide the best and most efficient Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) services in the safest and quickest manner.


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