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Efficiency and safety of staff in a nursing home are synonymous, and a key point to maintain in a high functioning and compliant organization. When it comes to protecting both patients and business operations, verifying professional licenses is paramount. That?s why primary source verification should be a critical component of any workforce compliance program.

Primary source verification is the process of verifying an individual?s professional license or certification before they are hired. By validating an applicant?s license or certification, you ensure the license is active and fulfills the regulatory requirements for the role. This process entails assessing licensure information against the original source to ensure accuracy and mitigate employee turnover risk. This ensures that your organizations staff are up-to-date on the certifications they need to provide high-quality care.

In the past, this process was labor-intensive and manual. It required manually gathering an applicant?s licensing documents and authenticating them with the Board or Association that issued them. This process was slow and cumbersome, and could easily lead to compliance errors due to lack of tracking and enforcement.

Fortunately, Todays organizations have a more efficient and smarter option: the Certemy automated primary source verification system. Certemy helps organizations easily access and verify the certifications their employees need to provide high-quality healthcare and adhere to their governing body?s regulations. With their easy-to-use validation and tracking system, you can stay on top of credentialing process in one convenient place. Certemy makes it easy to:

? Automatically track and manage licenses and certifications, taking the manual tracking burden off of you and your team.

? Receive real-time notifications within the platform when licenses are due to expire or in need of renewal.

? Streamline the license application process by leveraging pre-built workflows that are completely configurable.

? Ensure your staff are up-to-date on all qualifications and labels necessary for the role, verifying licenses with the original board or association.

These features help ensure the fast and efficient processing of licenses and credentials, reducing employee turnover and mitigating risk for your nursing home. That?s why Certemy is trusted by some of the largest US employers to save time, money, and improve staff utilization.

In addition to background and credential verification, Certemy is also a leader in license verification. By verifying that active and renewed licenses are in place with no disciplinary or sanctioning regulations, you can stay ahead of the curve in regulatory compliance.

When it comes to protecting patients and employees, Certemy provides a comprehensive and automated solution. This innovative and automated primary source verification system allows you to focus on the art of healthcare – not the paperwork.


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