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With the dawn of the digital era, manual processes are becoming a thing of the past. Companies and organizations, particularly those in the health care and human resources sectors, are actively seeking ways to streamline their operations. Licenses and certification validation processes are increasingly being automated by software solutions to reduce costs and ensure accuracy. This article discusses the need for automated licensing software, the available options, and the features they offer.

Why Automate?

Manually inspecting credentials for validity is a laborious, time-consuming process with the potential to open organizations to liabilities. Validation procedures are complicated by numerous federal, state and local statutes, policies, and organizational mandate updates. As the workforce becomes more mobile, it becomes difficult to stay abreast of the changes, as well as identifying and addressing potential gaps in certification or licensing status.

Organizations aim to reduce the administrative overhead associated with resource oversight while keeping up with shifting regulations, particularly when it comes to professional license validations. Automated licensing software allows companies to do just that: provide primary source Verification of professional certifications, relieving staff of this tedious task. Furthermore, regulatory agencies are moving towards requiring primary source methods for verification of licensure, leaving as an out-of-date practice the process of verifying credentials with a request for verification letting.

The Benefits of Licensing Software

For businesses in the health care and human resources domains, commercial software providing the ability to quickly and accurately validate licenses and certifications offer a variety of benefits. Automated software solutions are highly efficient and more cost effective, allowing organizations to manage large numbers of credentials and personnel. Additionally, they provide complete visibility and control over staff Compliance programs, while remaining compliant with strict government regulations. Other benefits include:

The ability to track licenses and credentials in one system of record in real-time

Workflows that are configurable to automate license application processes

Improved productivity and visibility across the organization

Mitigation of potential liability

Software Options for Professional Certification Verification

There are numerous software solutions available to organizations looking to automate their licensing and certification validation processes. With their primary source verification technology, Certemy is a leader in License Verification and trusted by some of the largest US employers.

United Credentialing Solutions (UCS) is another popular automated licensing software. This companiespecializes in credentialing services for behavioral health providers, simplifying the process of licensure and credentialing verifications. They are also compliant with state and federal laws and regulations, and offer a variety of verification tools and services to ensure accurate and timely validation.

The VeriDoc service from DataFlow is a third leading provider of certification and license validation software. VeriDoc is cloud-based and can support over 5,000 verification requests per hour. The service is compliant with regulations across multiple jurisdictions, and offers a wide range of verification solutions including manual, partial, and full verifications.


Ultimately, licensing and certification validation processes are integral to ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating liability. Automated software solutions can save businesses both time and money while reducing the risk of mistakes and improving staff utilization. Companies should consider the options available to them, as well as the security and scalability of the services provided, when deciding which automated software solution best fits their organizational needs.


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