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Maintaining compliance with regulations related to the professional licensing of employees is a perpetual challenge for employers in the United States. Whether you are a small business or part of a larger corporation, you must comply with the relevant regulations and ensure your workforce holds the necessary professional licenses or certifications.

In many cases, manual verification processes can be slow, ineffectual, and fraught with potential errors. As regulations become increasingly complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of ever-changing regulations and labor laws. To address this challenge, technology can help with automation or digitally-enabling manual processes. Automating professional license verification ensures employers quickly and accurately verify whether employee credentials are active, valid, and free of any disciplinary action.

Why Employers Need an Automated Professional License Verification Process

In the past, employers have relied heavily on manual processes to verify credentials due to the limited availability of technology. While manual processes can work, they often lead to costly errors, often due to mistakes in administrative processes. They can are also labor intensive and time consuming.

Employers must comply with multiple regulations and laws for each employee and maintain accurate, up-to-date records. This includes making sure that credentials are regularly renewed and that the licenses have not expired.

With increasing technology and automation, employers can now benefit from automated license verification systems such as Certemy. Automation helps employers quickly and accurately verify the credentials of its personnel, so they can stay ahead of the regulatory curve. Automated, primary source verification systems are more reliable and more cost effective than manual processes.

How Automated Professional License Verification Works

Automated professional license verification systems provide employers with 360-degree visibility into license compliance across their workforce. Employers can quickly and accurately verify that licenses and credentials are active, valid, and free of disciplinary action.

The process begins with the collection and enter of employee information, including relevant licenses and credentials. The system then verifies that the information is accurate and up to date. It checks primary sources, such as government, to verify the validity and status of the credentials. Once this process has been completed, it will display the information in a variety of formats. The information is tracked in a single system of record.

In addition, such systems have built-in workflows that are configurable, allowing for the automated application process for license renewals and for setting up alerts when licenses are about to expire. This saves time on administrative tasks and reduces errors due to manual processes.

Benefits of Automated Professional License Verification

Employers benefit from automation in many ways. Automation is more cost effective and efficient than manual processes. It also reduces the likelihood of errors and improves team productivity by providing greater visibility across the enterprise.

In addition, automation ensures compliance with regulations and helps employers stay ahead of the curve. Automation makes it easier to track licenses and credentials and ensure they remain up-to-date and compliant. This saves employers from the potential problems associated with non-compliance.

The Impact of Automated Professional License Verification

Automated license verification systems can have a significant impact on many aspects of a business. From greater compliance with regulations to cost savings, automation can help employers ensure that their workforce is compliant, legal, and ready for work. They can also reduce the risk of potential penalties associated with non-compliance.

These systems can help improve employeesatisfaction and engagement, as well as productivity and visibility across the organization. Automated license verification can save time, reduce costs, and help employers create a competitive advantage over their competitors.


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