License Verification Tool | Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care

As organizations continue to grow and experience a competitive labor market, the need to track and manage staff licenses and certification can quickly become a daunting task. With the right professional license verification tool, however, businesses can stay ahead of regulatory compliance, mitigate risk, and increase staff utilization. Certified healthcare providers, such as pediatric nurse practitioners, are especially in need of solutions that guarantee license verification with the highest level of accuracy and efficiency.

A professional license verification tool with an automated primary source verification system provides complete visibility and control of an organizations workforce compliance program. By automating the tracking and management of licenses, businesses can save time, stay ahead of regulations, and improve staff productivity.

Certemy, the leader in license verification, is a prime example of an innovative license verification system. Certemys verification system checks more than 800 primary sources including state boards, healthcare licensing and regulatory boards, and other organizations that manage and issue occupational licenses and certifications. The data obtained from the primary sources is entered into Certemys system as real-time records that are continuously updated and immediately available across the organization.

Certemys technology tracks license status and expiration in one central system. Its pre-built workflows facilitate licenses? application process and inidividual tracking from decision to renewal. This data can also be turned into insights on utilization, risks, and compliance to better inform strategic decisions.

When it comes to health care organizations that manage complex compliance requirements, Certemy provides easy-to-use workflows and secure access for clients and providers. The platform also helps organizations maximize reimbursement opportunities with advanced analytics.

Certemy offers a comprehensive license management system that supports all key compliance processes, credentialing/enrollment, and payer & provider transactions for health care organizations. It allows business owners to take complete control of individual medical licenses, certifications, and CME values, so they can stay in compliance with all renewal requirements.

Certemy has served some of the largest US employers in managing workforce compliance programs. With their automated primary source verification system, Certemy guarantees accuracy and efficiency like no other license verification tool.


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